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11 Reasons Why You No Longer Losing weight Despite Your Healthy Diet


You are losing weight and the pounds you are losing surprisingly fast. But then you reach a plateau. You do not lose weight despite your healthy diet. Your weight does not drop anymore. In the worst scenario, you do not lose weight, but you gain weight.

Not losing weight can be incredibly frustrating and discouraging. Most people who have experience with weight loss can talk about this.

In this article why you no longer losing weight, you will learn:

  • The best tips to break a weight loss plateau
  • What you should never do if you no longer losing weight
  • Why you can gain weight in some cases when you are trying to lose weight
  • Different ways to increase your metabolism
  • The most healthy drink on earth to burn fat
  • A simple test to see if you suffer from insulin resistance

Note: This article is about that you can not lose more weight. So you did lose weight, but then it got stuck.


Reason # 1: Chronically too little food (crash diet)


Crash-dieet-a piece of broccoli on a plate


A while ago, a famous tv host, started an attempt to lose weight. She decided to drop drastically two months ago.


She kept a blog where you could read his/her weekly progress.


Her strict diet of 1500 calories and no less than 4 hours of exercise per week resulted in a weight loss of 6 kg after 6 weeks.

This week came out that he/she no longer is losing weight, even though she is still paying attention to her food eating healthy and continues to exercise for 3 hours every week.

That is a lot of hours of sports in the month. How is it possible that she has lost not a gram of weight anymore?

Leaving a meal at his time is fine (see reason 5), but chronically eating too little as this famous tv host does and ridiculously many sports, so that the body is no longer given the chance to recover, works counterproductive.

That is not only too exaggerated to want to see changes quickly, it is also difficult to sustain.

But this famous tv host is not the only one who is struggling with this problem. There is a large group of women in the world who chronically eat too little and therefore stand still with weight loss.

It also does not help that the slimming market has been flooded for years by all kinds of calorie-reducing crash diets.

The one ‘nutrition expert’ is going to work even more rigorously than the other.

But ultimately their advice appears to work rarely. And then people come to me with the question “how is it possible that I no longer lose weight”.

Losing weight is not just a matter of counting what you put in your mouth. If you only focus on the number of calories, you lose everything that has to do with healthy food, which contains nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Your metabolism will slow down after three days if you are on a very low calorie diet

yoyo effect of diet circleThis is also one of the reasons why it is so difficult to prevent weight gain after you have stopped a crash diet.

As soon as you stop, the kilos often fly at lightning speed back.

Nevertheless, a crash diet also has some advantages.

People who suffer from obesity can benefit in the short term if they are under the supervision of a doctor.


It turns out that a crash diet of 4 to 12 weeks causes significant changes in weight loss and metabolic health for people with obesity.

A strict calorie restriction can help you shake a few pounds fast away from you, but make sure that your lifestyle and diet change in the long term. If you do not do this, you will get the most of your weight back and you will still feel bad!

  Reason # 2: You burn less because you have lost weight

you-burned-lessA known side effect of losing weight is that your metabolism decreases.

This means that you burn fewer calories than before and that can be a reason that you no longer lose weight.

What people generally describe as ‘hunger mode’ (also known as metabolic adaptation) is actually nothing more than the natural reaction of the body to a long-term caloric deficiency.

Metabolic adaptation also plays an important role in the development of overweight in humans. When the body receives insufficient food for a long time to function normally, the metabolic rate slowly decreases.

That is because the homeostasis is disrupted. This is the condition of all important functional systems in the body when they are in balance. The greater the delay, the more difficult it is to lose weight.

With this ’emergency state’ the body tries to reduce the number of calories that you burn. The extent to which the metabolic rate decreases with caloric restriction and weight loss is different for everyone. It is thought that body weight also plays a role in this, because when your weight goes up or down, your metabolism also increases or decreases.

Research has shown that three days without food does not slow down the metabolism of people. Only after that time did researchers see a perceptible difference in resting metabolism (the energy that the body needs to function properly) of the participants.

Hunger mode is largely genetically determined, but earlier losing weights attempts or physical exercise can also play a role.


Reason # 3: You think you eat healthily

you think that you eat healthyHow is it possible that I no longer lose weight” is a common complaint when people are busy with a healthy diet for some time.

My own study shows that “94.88% of people think they eat healthier than an average person.”

This is, of course, an absurdly high number.

Especially when you consider that almost half of adults in the western world are overweight: Obesity and overweight

Where does it go wrong? Many people think that they eat healthy, while they do not actually do that.

A large percentage of people who do not lose weight still eat unhealthily or get too many calories.

Also, not everyone pays attention to the hidden sugars in fruit drinks. You think you drink something healthy, but in reality, most fruit drinks are full of sugars. In addition to the natural sugars from fruit juice, extra sugar is often added.

These extra calories are also not seen by the body as full calories. In other words, the need to eat remains, even though you have drunk hundreds of (empty) calories half an hour before.

Reason # 4: You should also exercise

woman drinking water while sports

Healthy food is the most important secret if you want to lose weight successfully.

But often you see that losing weight, despite a healthy diet, stagnates at a given moment.

This is because your metabolism slows somewhat if you lose weight.

A survey done among more than 2,900 people shows that for every half kilogram that weight was lost, the resting metabolism decreased by 7 calories. The more someone falls off, the greater the influence on the basal metabolism.

The good news is that sports can prevent a delayed metabolism by losing weight. Strength training ensures the maintenance of your muscle mass at the moment that you lose weight. Your muscle mass also affects the number of calories that you burn during physical exertion and at rest. In fact, strength training and fitness, in addition to healthy nutrition, is an important part of successful weight loss.

In a 12-week study, overweight young women were dieting and had to train with weight for 20 minutes daily. Afterward, an average weight loss of almost 6 kg was measured and the waist was slimmed by 5 cm.

Other forms of physical activity, such as cycling, jogging or HIIT, also help to slow down your metabolism.

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And what can you do if you already do sports? For the people who have lost weight, but now get stuck, it can help to increase the frequency or intensity. By that, I mean that you will exercise 1 or 2 days extra during the week or increase the intensity of your workouts.

Reason # 5: You do not skip meals

plate with potato, vegetable and meatIt is a big misunderstanding that you have to eat a lot of (small) meals every day to stimulate your metabolism and lose weight.

It appears that a higher meal frequency has no effect on fat burning or weight loss.

Also skipping breakfast does not affect the number of calories you burn in a day.

The idea that your metabolism slows considerably when you skip a meal has never been scientifically proven.

We now know that the opposite is true. Short periods of fasting can temporarily speed up your metabolism. A 14% increase in metabolic rate was observed among a group of men when they had fasted for 3 days.

In fact, a short period of fasting more naturally than every 3 to 4 hours a meal inwards. Just think about it: in prehistoric times there was not always food available. There were no supermarkets at that time, and there were no filling stations open 24 hours a day where people could cram unabashedly with all kinds of sweet junk.

Our ancestors had to do with what they could collect. So it happened regularly that nothing was available and that people were forced to fast. And despite everything, they have managed to survive this immensely difficult period.

So if you do not lose weight in spite of your healthy diet, it can be wise to skip a meal regularly.

Skipping a meal is also a test for insulin resistance. People who suffer from insulin resistance can not. They must eat more than 3 times a day, because otherwise, they will suffer from all kinds of physical and mental complaints

Then think of:

  • Hunger attacks
  • Mood swings
  • Blurred vision
  • Concentration disorders

In the video below 4 myths about skipping your breakfast:


Reason # 6: You eat more unnoticed

woman eating while working on her laptopIf you notice that you no longer losing weight, then you may still get more calories than you actually think.

You may not think this applies to you, but several studies show that most people underestimate their daily calorie intake considerably.

It is also the case that people eat more unnoticed when they move little and are distracted. Eating while you are distracted can lead to faster eating and more food.

Whether you watch television, listen to the radio or play a computer game, it all leads to more food intake.

Research has shown that watching television while you eat is unwise. Participants in a study ate 36% more pizza and 71% more macaroni than those who did not watch television.

How can you prevent yourself from not losing weight? One way is to keep track of your calories for a while and be aware of what you eat.

Keeping track of what you eat can also be sensible if you want to achieve a certain goal. For example, if you want to have at least 30% of your total calories from proteins because you follow the protein diet. This you will never succeed if you do not keep track of what you put in your mouth.

Does this mean you have to count calories for the rest of your life if you do not follow a diet? No, that is a bit exaggerated again. A method that you can apply is to sit down for a week every month with what you eat. That way you get a feeling for how much you eat and what you might eat on one day.

Reason # 7: You have gained in muscle mass

bodypump-muscle MassOnce they have started losing weight, people tend to jump on the scale every morning.

The first week’s everything seems to go according to plan, but then the inevitable happens; the weight loss is no longer possible.

I do not lose weight but gain weight! How can I no longer lose weight? “Sports can be the cause of this. And that is not meant to be negative.

By (strength) sport you can have gained in your muscle mass and that is heavier than body fat.

You can see this especially in people who have just started with strength training and fitness. And that is just a good sign because when we talk about losing weight we mean actually lowering our body fat percentage and losing body fat.

The loss of body weight basically says relatively little. In a crash diet, the kilos fly off, but that is mainly moisture and no body fat. It is just a lower fat percentage which ensures a tighter and healthy body.

The goal should therefore always be to lower your body fat percentage instead of weight loss.

skinfold meterSo if the scale no longer goes down, do not immediately panic and remember that it can come through muscle growth.

That is why it is also a good idea to measure your fat percentage each month with the aid of a skinfold meter.

In this way, you remain motivated when you think that you will no longer lose weight while that is actually the case.


Reason # 8: You drink too little water, coffee or green tea

Woman drinking a cup of green teaDrinking water has a number of advantages when it comes to losing weight.

First, water, especially cold water, has a favorable thermal effect on your body. By drinking cold water you can temporarily speed up your metabolism.

This is because cold water costs more energy to warm up in the body.

By drinking half a liter of water you can temporarily burn 24 to 30% more calories. In addition, drinking water, especially for a meal, ensures that you take less food.

A study among adults and the elderly shows that drinking 0.5 liters of water before the meal speeds up 44% in a period of 3 months compared to the subjects who did not.

If you think you can not lose weight, it can help to replace your daily favorite drinks with water.


I have good news for all coffee lovers! Drinking coffee helps in the fight against obesity. Coffee has a slight stimulating effect on the metabolism and is also rich in antioxidants.

Caffeine coffee can speed up your metabolism by 3 to 11% and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 23-50%.

In addition, black coffee (without additives such as milk and sugar) is ideal for weight loss because it contains no calories.

Green Tea

Green tea is perhaps the healthiest drink on earth. It is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. In addition, green tea also contains natural caffeine. Ideal for fat burning. But that would actually make the drink too short.

Green tea is also good for the skin, memory and reduces the risk of cancer in both men and women.

When it comes to losing weight, green tea, like coffee, has a slightly stimulating effect on the metabolism. Various studies show that green tea leads to a reduction of body fat, especially around the abdomen.

Reason # 9: You drink too much alcohol

alcohol-drinking to muchDrinking alcohol regularly can seriously disrupt the process of losing weight.

It may even be the reason why you do not lose weight at all. I will also explain why.

Apart from fat, alcohol is the most energy-rich nutrient, with 7 calories per gram. Alcohol does provide energy, but you have no benefits from it at all.

In particular, beer is a real calorie bomb and drinking beer regularly can lead to weight gain.

The best advice is therefore not to drink alcohol during a diet. If you find that difficult, then it is wise to keep it at least with distilled drinks (such as vodka). Possibly mixed with non-caloric drinks.

Beer, wine and other sweet alcoholic drinks are very high in calories and therefore you can avoid the best for that reason. Drinking a glass of wine or a bottle of beer at his time can not hurt at all, but removing large amounts of alcohol every night is bad for your health and can sabotage the process of losing weight.

Reason # 10: You are addicted to carbohydrates

to much carbohydratesIf weight loss is no longer successful, then you may still be eating too much carbohydrate. In that case, it may be wise to start with a low-carbohydrate diet.

The low-carbohydrate diet is not only easier to maintain, but it is also much more effective than a low-fat diet.

Several studies have shown that with a low-carbohydrate diet you lose 2 to 3 times as much as with a fat-free diet.

With a low-carbohydrate diet, you limit the number of carbohydrates in your diet drastically. Think of simple carbohydrates such as pasta and white bread. This diet is high in protein and healthy vegetables.

It may seem difficult to eat out or with friends with a low-carbohydrate diet. That is not so bad. Most restaurants have a low-carbohydrate meal on their menu.

If you still doubt in the restaurant then I have 2 simple tips for you:

  1. Order a main course that is based on meat or fish.
  2. Ask for extra vegetables instead of bread, potatoes or white rice.

Reason # 11: You do not eat enough protein

protein sourcesAs you know, you have to consume fewer calories to lose weight.

Protein-rich foods help you to lose weight to a large extent and lose excess belly fat.


A high protein diet has many advantages when it comes to losing weight:

  • People think about eating 60% less often
  • People have 50% less inclination to snack in the evening
  • People eat up to 400 calories a day

Proteins provide a longer satiating feeling and suppress hunger and appetite. This is partly because protein-rich food suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin.

This makes it easier for you to lose weight again once you reach a plateau.

Preferably eat meat from animals that move (run, swim and fly), because they contain a lot more proteins.

Protein-rich sources

  • Eggs
  • Poultry (chicken, turkey)
  • Lean meat (beef, lamb, game)
  • Fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout, herring, cod, sole, shrimps)

Even a simple breakfast with eggs alone has a powerful effect on appetite.

You now know what you have to do; to boost your daily protein intake if you feel that you are no longer losing weight.

Regardless of your gender, height or body weight, it is important that about 30% of your daily amount of calories consists of proteins.


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