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tips for burning belly fat

12 Tips for Burning Fast Belly Fat + 5 Fatal Mistakes


About burning of belly fat or lose it, there is alarmingly much crap on the internet. Many of the tips are outdated, not scientific or rewritten from another site by an author without much knowledge of the subject.

That is why I will give you tips in this article 12 that do REALLY work and are scientifically founded. This is the best article that you will find (maybe ever) about how to lose belly fat or get rid of it!

In this article you discover:

  • Why breakfast is blocking fat burning
  • A way of exercising that burns 7 times more fat than cardio training
  • Why healthy fats stimulate fat burning
  • The 5 main causes of abdominal fat
  • The differences between burning fat for a man and woman
  • How you effectively burn belly fat with little time 3x 20 minutes per week

Let me get right to the point, I give you a warning …

Warning: losing local fat is not possible

It is not possible to lose local fat or lose weight around the abdomen, legs or buttocks. Have you ever seen someone on the beach with overweight but a super flat stomach?

Indeed, such people do not exist, and will never exist. Even with the best weight loss pills in the world, this will not work.

Below you see the most logical transformation per gender:

man-woman transformation


A survey shows that the vast majority already knows that local fat loss is not possible. So you can not only reduce fat on your stomach, legs, buttocks or other body parts specifically.

Burn belly fat: differences between men and women

There are a number of differences between men and women when it comes to belly fat.

What is too much belly fat?

To determine whether you have too much belly fat and you actually have to reduce it, you measure the abdominal circumference. The following applies here:

  • Men: too much belly fat if the abdominal circumference is 94 centimeters or more
  • Women: too much belly fat if the abdominal circumference is 80 centimeters or more

In which location do you store belly fat?

When a man stores fat, he does this mainly on the stomach, while women it is on the abdomen, hips and thighs.

For whom is belly fat loss more difficult?

For women, losing belly fat is more difficult, because the female body stores more fat for fertility purposes.

This has evolved evolutionarily to have enough energy for the fetus during the gestational period.

Lose weight on the belly: how do you get a flat and tight stomach?

For men and women working to get a flat and tight stomach is in the same way, only it is more difficult for the woman to make the muscles visible.

Fortunately, that is not such a problem, because almost all women do not necessarily want to look muscular. They want a flat stomach without too much fat.

From which fat percentage do you have a flat stomach?

Here is the rough rule:

  • Men: a fat percentage of approximately 13 to 16%
  • Women: a fat percentage of approximately 19 to 22%

From which fat percentage do your abdominal muscles become visible?

Here is the rough rule:

  • Men: a fat percentage of approximately 12% or less
  • Women: a fat percentage of about 18% or less

Here you see a picture to get an idea of fat percentages in men and women:

fat percentages in men and women


Let us now discuss the 5 FATAL Mistakes that does not or hardly reduce abdominal fat.


Losing weight belly Fat:  Mistake # 1: to lose fat with cardio training

This may come as a shock to you, but if you want to get rid of belly fat or lose fat, cardio (for example running) is not the best way!

It is true that you burn calories from cardio training, but you also pay a price for it. Here are the disadvantages, especially with long-term cardio:

  • A major production of the anti-stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is released as a response to stress and tries to limit the damage that stresses causes as much as possible. However, this hormone leads to fat storage, especially around the abdominal area.
  • A decrease in testosterone, while this hormone stimulates fat burning. And yes, this hormone is also important for women!
  • The effect on insulin sensitivity is rather low, so the fat storage does not necessarily become lower.

Later in this article, I will explain what kind of training you can do better.

Lose weight belly fat mistake # 2: make fat food the enemy

You do not become fat by eating fat. There are also many good fats such as nuts, olive oil, avocado, fatty fish, etc.

These fats contain calories, but give a longer satiated feeling. In addition, they activate insulin to a low level, which only stores fat at too high values.

With some fats like coconut oil, you stimulate the fat burning and you can lose more belly fat and get away. Later in this article, I will further discuss healthy fats.

Losing weight belly fat mistake # 3: losing belly fat with abdominal exercises

Some people think that you only can get a tight stomach (6pack) with abdominal exercises, but that is far from the truth. Your diet is much more important to reduce and lose belly fat.

This reminds me of a well-known pronunciation:

Abs are made in the kitchen!

Abs are made in the kitchen! With abdominal exercises you can make sure that the stomach is less likely to hang, and so that it becomes tighter. Especially after the pregnancy, this can be a godsend.

If you strengthen your abdominal muscles, they can also be more ‘defined’. This means that the shape of the abdominal muscle blocks becomes more visible.

But in addition, abdominal exercises mainly provide stronger abdominal muscles, less chance of low back pain, preventing injuries and improving the balance and stability in daily activities such as standing, walking, sitting, etc.


Lose weight belly fat mistake # 4: want to remove belly fat with pills

That this is a mistake seems logical, but still, there are people who believe in fairy tales about quick losing belly fat.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, a flat and tight stomach with a pill!

Do not start this mess! There is a healthy pill that helps to lose belly fat and get a tight stomach, namely the omega 3 pill, but more about that later.

Lose weight belly fat mistake # 5: go on a diet

It is by now a bit tiresome to point people to this, but diets do not work, not even to get a flat stomach!

Approximately 2 out of 3 people even come from a diet, and the other 1/3 loses barely kilos.

Do not start with it!

The five leading causes of belly fat

The cause of too much belly fat and overweight is an unhealthy lifestyle. Nothing more and nothing less! This consists of 5 causes:

  • Consume more calories than burn (note: I discuss exceptions below)
  • Overeating simple/refined/processed carbohydrates
  • Eating processed food
  • No to very little movement
  • Long-term / chronic stress

If you have a flat stomach, that does not necessarily mean that you are healthy! Organ fat, also called visceral fat, is actually worse than the belly fat that you see on the outside.

Organ fat is related to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, cancer and many more diseases.

The following 12 tips to get rid of belly fat below where more is explained per tip … let’s start! Below are the 12 ‘tips’.

Tip # 1: skip breakfast occasionally (important!)

But Tommy, does that slow down your metabolism and that is unhealthy?

No! Far from it even.

The idea that your metabolism slows when you skip a meal has never been scientifically proven. It has always remained a theory and has never been confirmed. It is therefore quite bizarre how deeply rooted this belief is in people. I call this the ‘metabolism myth’.

A study has shown that if you eat one meal of 2000 kcal in a day or eat the same meal in 5 to 6 portions spread throughout the day, you burn exactly the same amount of calories that day (if all other factors are the same).

Your metabolism will only slow down if you do not eat anything for more than about 3 to 4 days (72-96 hours). At that moment you enter ‘starvation mode’. If you eat something, the calories are stored faster.

Fasting for shorter periods speeds up your metabolism. A study with 11 men shows, for example, that your metabolism accelerates by 14% if you fasting for 3 days. Now that 3 days is debatable, because other studies show that your metabolism remains unchanged in 3 days of fasting.

skip breakfastThat skipping a meal (such as breakfast) is unhealthy, is also a myth. Here a number of scientifically proven health benefits of skipping breakfast at a glance:

  • Your insulin sensitivity increases, making fat burning possible
  • The amount of growth hormone HGH increases, which accelerates fat burning
  • It starts the repair of cells
  • Your blood pressure goes down
  • You extend your life expectancy (up to 30% in rats)
  • And much more…

The idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day you can throw that in the trash!

The only drawback is that you can get a taste for bad food such as sweets and fast food, so you have to stick to it and then have lunch! With tip 2, 3, 7 and 8 below you can lower your appetite for food. Incidentally, research shows that it is relatively simple to skip eating meals.

But why does skipping breakfast is so good for fat burning?

Good question!

This is pretty easy to explain. Your body uses two energy sources, namely:

Your body can now be in one of the 2 positions:

  • Position 1: sugar burn
  • Position 2: fat burning (also called ketose or fat adapted)

In position 1, the body starts using glucose as an energy source. When the glucose runs out, the body starts to respond to a glucose supply. This is glycogen, which is mainly stored in the liver and muscles.

In position 2 will appeal to body fat stores for energy.


To get in position 2, you need 6 to 8 hours NO food! So if you wake up in the morning, after hopefully about 8 hours of sleep, your body is in fat burning mode.

And what do most people do? Right … have breakfast!

You understand now likely that the body immediately switches to position 1, namely the sugar burning. Unfortunately, you no longer burn fat.

The best thing is to skip breakfast occasionally – 1 to 3 times a week – so that your fat burning continues to work. If you have breakfast, I advise you to tip 2.

But Tommy, I have no energy and I get dizzy!

No energy? Nonsense, because you use fats as an energy source and there you can get more than 2 times more energy than sugars because 1 gram of carbohydrates equals 4 kcal while 1 gram of fats equals 9 kcal.

lightheaded dizzyBut it is true that you can get dizzy. That is because your body has always been accustomed to sugar burning and now has to switch. You force your body to burn fat and for that, the body has to adapt. We also call this ketosis, the state in which you burn fat.

Therefore, in the first 1 or 2 weeks that you do this, you will sometimes feel as energyless or dizzy, but not afterward. For the ultimate fat burning, you sport before you go for lunch. I advise you to do that around 12 o’clock.

It is therefore advisable to do the following 1 to 3 times a week:

  1. Skip your breakfast
  2. Exercise/exercise around 11 o’clock (can also do some simple exercises at home)
  3. After the sport, we have a full lunch after 12 o’clock

To burn fat when you are asleep, I advise you not to eat after 8 o’clock in the evening! You eat between 12.00 and 20.00, but you eat as much as you normally would.

The period in which you are allowed to eat is therefore reduced to 8 hours, which is the most regular form of intermittent fasting. This may be difficult to combine with your work and lunch times. So you have to see for yourself how you can do this in a practical way for you.

Summary tip # 1: skip breakfast 1 to 3 times a week and do not eat until 12 o’clock in the afternoon.

Tip # 2: breakfast with protein

To always skip breakfast is also a bit exaggerated. It is sometimes advisable to surprise your body so that you challenge it, because everything you challenge becomes stronger.

There are three reasons for avoiding carbohydrates in the morning:

  • It ensures that the body stays more in the fat burning position
  • Carbohydrates have a high through-eating factor
  • Carbohydrates ensure a high production of insulin

I am talking about processed carbohydrates such as bread. Incidentally, that does not mean that you can never or cannot eat bread again! See also tip 8.

protein rich breakfastThe reason to eat protein in the morning is that research shows that it gives you a full feeling. Because of this:

  • People think 60% less likely to eat
  • People have 50% less sense in snacks in the evening
  • Eating people more than 400 calories per day less!

So this is an excellent way to get more belly fat away.

Incidentally, it is a myth that eggs would affect your cholesterol negatively or that it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. That statement is now obsolete.

Summary tip # 2: start the day with proteins such as a fried or boiled egg, meat, tuna or poultry!

Tip # 3: eat more healthy fats

healthy omega-3 fatsThis sounds contradictory for some people, but you lose more body fat if you eat enough healthy fats and reduce carbohydrates, instead of eating as little fat as possible.

In addition, you should certainly not leave carbohydrates completely. Your brain always needs a little glucose and restore your muscles with glucose. The best source of carbohydrates is vegetables, fruit and oatmeal instead of bread, pasta, potatoes or rice.

It is important to eat the right fats. These are especially the fats that contain omega 3 fatty acids. These have the following advantages:

  • They lower your cortisol level or stress
  • They stimulate fat burning, which reduces your fat percentage
  • They suppress the hunger

Omega 3 fatty acids can be found especially in oily fish if:

  • salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Tuna
  • Sardines

You should eat fatty fish 2 to 3 times a week to get enough omega 3 fatty acids. If you do not make it or eat little or no fish anyway, I advise you to take an omega 3 supplement, in addition to eating healthy fats.

The best supplement for this is Minami Nutrition MorEPA Platinum 60 Softgels. If you still want to use those weight loss pills, they will be most effective! Scientists have determined that these capsules greatly increase fat burning.

How much do you have to take? Science shows that 1000 mg per day is optimal. The 1000 mg should then be EPA and DHA. The percentage of EPA and DHA per capsule (often of 500 mg) is stated on the packaging.

MorEPA soft gels contain the fatty acids EPA and DHA, which have a positive impact on the motivation centers in the brain, so even if you want to exercise this is a good outcome. If you are a vegetarian, you can go for algae oil. If you want a cheaper but also qualitative capsule, you can go for fish oil.

In addition, make sure that you do not use margarine, low-fat margarine and sunflower oil for baking and roasting. Instead, use real butter such as butter, grass butter or coconut oil instead.

Coconut oil, in particular, has many advantages, including the promotion of your metabolism and fat burning. It is a myth that saturated fat like coconut oil is bad for you. Behind that kind of advice, there are often interests of the food industry that want to keep their profits on margarine.

Summary tip # 3: eat more omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fatty fish to burn belly fat faster.

Do some home spinning work-out! Check out the best Spinning bikes HERE!

Tip # 4: do short high-intensity training

I have already said that cardio training has little impact on losing belly fat.

A way of exercising that delivers up to 7x more fat burning is short, high-intensity training. This is a way of exercising where you briefly sport at high intensity, after which you can relax again.

This effect was shown by a study in which one group of short high-intensity training took place over a period of 12 weeks and the other group of cardio. In addition, the short high-intensity training group had gained 1 kilogram of muscle mass, while the cardio group had lost 0.5 kilos of muscle mass!

Another study shows that women who did short high-intensity training three times a week instead of cardio, after 15 weeks:

  • Had an average lower fat percentage than the cardio group
  • Significantly more belly fat and fat around the legs were lost than the cardio group

high intensity trainingEven if you burn the same amount of calories with short high-intensity training as with cardio, you still train much more belly fat away.

This is because with this training you use all kinds of muscle fibers, namely the slow, fast and super-fast muscle fibers. In cardio, such as running, you use only the slow muscle fibers.

In addition, you make more testosterone and the growth hormone HGH, both of which increase fat burning. Strength training is also more effective in losing belly fat than cardio.

If you do 3 times 20 minutes of short, high-intensity training, you will achieve MUCH more than just long or even longer cardio workouts.

For example, you can follow the following schedule for a high-intensity workout:

  • 3 minutes warming up
  • 8 sets of 20 seconds of effort with 60 seconds pause
  • 2 minutes cool down

So you could do 8 sets of 20 seconds of sprint and then every 60 seconds of rest by walking.

Is sprinting nothing for you or are you already a bit older? Then change the schedule into 8 sets of 20 seconds of fast walking and then every 60 seconds of pause. That too is much more effective than continuous walking at the same pace.

If you want to have a nice tight stomach then abdominal muscle training is also very useful.

Summary tip # 4: Do high, short intensity training to burn fat much faster than cardio or running.

Tip # 5: avoid long-term stress

stressful personBy stress, you make more of the anti-stress hormone cortisol. This hormone mainly leads to fat storage around the abdomen and provides more appetite. That is doubly annoying!

When you increase your cortisol level, you get a higher blood sugar level and a slower metabolism. This also blocks your fat burning.

It must be clearly stated that acute stress cannot hurt, that is even good. For example, a short cold shower is fine, despite the body experiencing it as a stressful situation. Not good are long periods of stress, also called chronic stress.

So do the following regularly:

  • Watch TV or a quiet or comical film
  • Have sex
  • Meditation exercises can reduce your cortisol level by 20%
  • Do yoga or breathing exercises
  • Take extensive and relaxing breaks during work
  • Put plants at home or at work, these can reduce stress by about 15>LT##/span##GT##
  • And of course: a wonderful night’s sleep!

Summary tip # 5: avoid prolonged stress by sleeping better and relaxing more.

Tip # 6: look for the cold

There are many benefits of the cold. Unfortunately, this tip is not so popular, something that I’ve already experienced before ????

But the idea is twofold.

  • Immediately expose yourself to intense cold
  • Longer in the cold, such as swimming in cold water

You can realize point 1 by, for example, taking a cold shower. By that, I mean that you will be standing under the cold shower for half to one minute at the end of your shower. The hot tap is therefore completely out!

This stimulates the production of testosterone, which stimulates fat burning. You also put your body in a mode where it burns a lot, so you burn calories, and you also get belly fat away.

But to really burn a lot of extra calories you will have to swim in cold water. With 3 hours of swimming in cold water, for example, you already burn 250 kcal extra calories and that is purely because the body has to warm itself.

taking an ice cold bath

* Disclaimer: Never expose your body to intense cold for more than 5 minutes. The full effect you have long to deal with and longer can lead to hypothermia!

Summary tip # 6: burn extra calories and stimulate fat burning by looking for the cold.

Tip # 7: drink a spinach smoothie

The leafy spinach contains a lot of thylakoids, which reduces the hedonic hunger by 94%. Hedonic hunger is the urge for fat and sweet food. This makes it easier to decline.

Also, spinach activates the satiety hormone leptin, giving you more control over your appetite.

That is why it is advisable to have a spinach smoothie early in the day unless you skip your breakfast.

If you’re doing that spinach smoothie, do the same with a glass of water for more satiety and some good fats such as avocado.

Read more about the benefits from Green Smoothies in my article; Burning belly fat With Green Smoothies!

Summary tip # 7: drink a smoothie with spinach to gain more control over your appetite.

Tip # 8: Do an anything-goes meal

We humans all have a little bit of willpower. That is why a healthy diet is difficult for many to maintain.

If you belong to that group, I recommend an anything-goes meal. Even for the people who do maintain a healthy diet, I recommend it!

An anything-goes meal is a day when you can basically eat anything you want. This is also something that some bodybuilders and bikini models apply, with which they maintain their strict diet.

There are, however, two guidelines:

  • You do not eat more than twice what you normally eat
  • You choose a fixed day in the week such as Sunday

Since you have eaten a lot, I advise you to skip your breakfast the next day!

There are a large number of benefits of an anything-goes meal, namely:

  • Your metabolism accelerates with 6.6% for slim people and 2.7% for people with obesity
  • A higher production of the hormone leptin, giving the brain the signal to burn more belly fat
  • The amount of the hormone ghrelin, which causes a feeling of hunger, decreases for about 3 days
  • You can let go completely!

In short: an anything-goes meal makes it easier to keep maintaining your healthy diet and you can just keep on losing pounds, just like that stubborn belly fat! In this way ‘losing weight quickly’ becomes a lot easier.

Summary tip # 8: on a fixed day in the week, hold an anything-goes meal on which you can eat anything you want!

Tip # 9: do not eat carbohydrates in the evening

As I said, I am not in favor of simple carbohydrates, such as biscuits, sweets, pastries, soft drinks, bread, pasta and rice.

bread-pasta-potatoes-riceThese simple carbohydrates are also called processed or refined carbohydrates because they do not come directly from nature, in contrast to vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds.

The disadvantage of these foods is that they are quickly converted into sugar in the body. This causes the blood sugar levels to peak and you store more belly fat, while you want to lose it.

I regularly hear people say:

But fruit also contains a lot of sugars!

They contain a lot of fruit sugars indeed, but fruit in its entirety also contains fiber. These fibers cause a slower increase in blood sugar levels.

With simple carbohydrates, there is no question of fiber, so there is nothing to slow down blood sugar, only the insulin in your body!

Research shows that you even waste fruit. Per 100 grams of fruit that you eat per day, you lose 300 grams after 6 months, regardless of what you eat differently, do sports or not. Vegetables gave even better weight loss results in this study.

Especially in the evening, I advise you not to eat refined carbohydrates, as well as healthy fats, are calorie fattening.

For this I give you two reasons:

  • The chance is small that your body will burn these calories in the evening. And what is not burned is stored. So get a scrape off belly fat!
  • If you have already eaten three meals (plus some snacks) one day, you run the risk of going over your daily calorie requirement.

Eating before bed can, therefore, ensure that you take more calories than you really need. This ultimately causes weight gain, and not so much because you eat something in this part of the day.

In any case, I advise you to eat no later than 20:00. Do you still want to eat something? Then keep it with foods that contain as few calories as possible, such as a vegetable soup.

Read more about the low-carbohydrate diet here.

Summary tip # 9: reduce the risk of fat storage by eating no sugars or carbohydrates in the evening. This prevents you from eating more (empty) calories than your body needs on a day.

Tip # 10: drink more water and green tea

Most people drink too little water. There are two major benefits of drinking more water when losing weight:

  • It gives you a feeling of satisfaction that makes you eat excessively quickly
  • It speeds up your metabolism slightly, causing you to burn more fat

I advise you to start the day immediately with a few glasses of water to get your moisture content up to standard.

Then you go over the green tea. Why? Green tea has a number of advantages when it comes to losing weight:

  • A boost in your metabolism, or faster fat burning
  • Theanine in the tea provides more relaxation and that reduces the eating requirement

tea infuserIt turns out that you have to drink quite a few cups a day to make the most of these benefits.

I advise you to buy pure green tea.

Throw a generous amount of green tea in a tea infuser and drink them several cups a day.

Summary tip # 10: give yourself a full feeling and speed up your metabolism by drinking lots of green tea.

Tip # 11: avoid fruit juices

I think you understand that soft drinks are not a product to burn or lose belly fat with it. That is very high in sugar and your blood sugar levels and insulin levels increase considerably.

But fruit juices are also very inadvisable. Yet there are still people who think they are doing well with fruit juices, particularly because of the beautiful marketing spells on the packaging.

Yet there are regular fruit juices that you find in the supermarket, a bowl full of sugar or one of the dozens of hidden names of sugar. Usually, end with the pseudonyms ‘ose’ or contain the term “syrup.”

Fruit juices differ from home-made juices, such as smoothies, because they are stripped of fiber. Due to the lack of fiber, your blood sugar level will rise faster, and you want to avoid it as much as possible.

The best alternative is to make your own green smoothie with fresh fruit and leafy vegetables, like the spinach smoothie mentioned in tip 7.

Summary Tip # 11: do not drink fruit juices because they lack fiber and are very sugary!

Tip # 12: avoid breakfast cereals

There is sugar in the regular but also organic breakfast cereals. Think of muesli and cornflakes.

The best cereal I recommend to eat is oatmeal. A number of benefits of oatmeal:

  • It contains a lot of proteins
  • Your blood sugar level remains low
  • You have been saturated for a long time
  • High-quality oatmeal does not contain gluten

Please note that there are also manufacturers who add sugar or one of the dozens of sugar names to oatmeal. So CHECK the ingredient list! As mentioned, the hiding names usually end in ‘ose’ or contain the term ‘syrup’.

Summary tip # 12: do not eat standard breakfast cereals that are full of sugar!

Finally, you will find below a summary of which foods you should and should not eat in my view in order to slim down healthy and burn belly fat.

It is clear that you can not eat the products in the table unlimited, because then you get too many calories and the chance of losing weight is low.

Overview: nutrients that I recommend

In summary, I recommend in particular to eat this food:


                          Fats:                 Carbohydrates: Egg whites:
Fatty fish: salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, sardines Vegetable – as much as you want! Eggs
Nuts like walnuts – max hand per day Fruit – as much as you want! Poultry
Dark chocolate Oatmeal) Meat
Seeds/seeds such as linseed Quinoa / amaranth Fatty fish
Avocado Buckwheat Shellfish
Coconut oil or ghee Millet
Grass or cream butter Barley
Extra virgin olive oil (cold-pressed) Sweet potato
Unpolished rice/basmati rice

Overview: foods that I advise against

In summary, I recommend in particular to avoid this food:

Fast food
Soft drink
Fruit juices
Regular muesli or corn flakes
Potato chips


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