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Hi everybody and welcome to my website where it is all about Health and Wellness.

Being active in sports, it is my lifestyle sins I was a little kid. Growing up in The Netherlands I started football and then Judo and a couple of years later also join a water polo team as knowing how to swim is in the Netherlands very important. I also did enjoy running and run some half-marathons and long-distance cycling until I start to work-out in a gym, lifting weights.

There it all started that I learn how important it is to track your nutrition intake and rest periods to have better progress within the sport that you are doing. So now these days, with all modern technology that you can track your calorie intake and how much you burn, much easier.

So that’s where my interest comes from for supplementation, healthy nutrition, and now these days also for smartwatches and fitness trackers!

A little about my sports background

Like I mentioned already I start as a 7 y/o with playing football, but that was really my thing so I start with Judo what I keep doing for 7 years. At 12 y/o, I start playing water polo and on the side, I explore also some other martial arts. To build up my cardio condition I was cycling long distance ( about 50 km per ride) Then in my army time I run a half-marathon while I was already exploring training with weights. As a twenty-year-old I really was getting into weights training and the whole tracking of your calorie intake and how much rest you need to recover from your workouts.

When the internet starts to become available for the public I start using some online programming to keep track of everything, but it starts to get really interesting when fitness trackers start to hit the market and after that also the smartwatches getting on the market.

Now it’s a totally different ball game to track your calorie intake and or you did get a good night rest with the right amount of sleeping hours.


Working as an Online Lifestyle Fitness Coach, I like it to keep things as easy as possible otherwise people will not continue with the training or will not implement nutritional changes in daily life.

I have learned over the years that if it gets too complicated or too time-consuming, people will stop using supplements because they forget to take them on time, but with the technologies available you can set alarms when to remind you when to take what and even keep track of what to eat at what time or get a reminder to drink a glass of water.

So I try to help and show what is available and what to use with your daily physical activities and to create the right mindset that you use with your sports activities, but also just in your daily life. I try to motivate people to find their balance in whatever they do in life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Feel free to connect with me Metabolic Health Improvement

All the best,


Founder of Our Health and Wellness

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