What Is Intermittent Fasting Good For?

What is intermittent fasting good for

What Is Intermittent Fasting Good For?


What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting is a relatively new term in the list of diets. But the principle is actually very old. Scientists were already investigating this in 1943, and with surprising results.

Results that still apply today.

The name says it all:

It is a type of fasting at set times. So don’t eat for a while, or very little. In this article you can read about the benefits that you can achieve with this and whether it might actually work to lose excess kilos.

What effect does Intermittent Fasting have on your body?

For your brain and bodyA lot of research has already been done into the effects of Intermittent Fasting on the body. These studies were mainly done with the help of animals. It may sound cruel, but I think the animals do not suffer much from such a diet. This showed very clearly that the cells of the animals with a lower intake of calories can offer better resistance to oxidative and thermal stress.

These two are both very harmful processes in the body. The lower intake of calories can result from eating or fasting less every day.

The body cells thus become more resistant to harmful processes in the body.

But how does that work?

During the period that fewer calories are consumed, certain things in your body change on both a biochemical and molecular level. Among other things, the level of vitamin E, enzymes that counteract oxidation, certain proteins that offer protection and the enzyme Q10 is greatly increased.

All these elements play an important role in preventing inflammation and oxidation in your body.

Variants of Intermittent Fasting

16/8 FastingThis one of the most popular intermittent fasting variant

Intermittent Fasting, regularly planning days when you eat little or no food, of course, has many variants.

Let’s list the most commonly used variants:

Do not eat 6 hours a day

With this variant, you eat nothing, daily between certain times. You can do this between 12 a.m. and 6 p.m. or from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. You can organize this as you wish, as long as it is 6 consecutive hours.

Eat 5 hours a day

This variant is based on the results of research by Bert Herring, an American dietary authority. He states that it is better to have the opportunity to eat every day for 5 hours.

According to Herring, this should be in the evening, for example between 5 and 10 a.m.

He bases this on the fact that the primeval people did not eat during the day because they were hunting. Only in the evening, when they were home again, could they eat again.

Eat once a day

If you use this variant, you only eat one meal per 24 hours.

So you are fasting every day.

You can, of course, drink the rest of the day, such as herbal teas and/or water

Partly fast on set days

During one or more days a week, you fast, but not completely.

You only limit your calorie intake.

A good example of this is drinking smoothies on these fast days.

5 days of food / 2 days of fasting

This variant is also called the 5/2 diet.

When applying this, 2 full days fast each week. These two days must be consecutive.

It is not that you are not allowed to eat anything, because the intention is to keep the intake of calories very low:

600 calories for men and 500 calories for women. 

During the other 5 days, you are completely free, so you can eat whatever you want.

Fasting and eating alternately

The latter is the most widely used variant.

The days are interspersed with eating and fasting. For some, it is a bit difficult to maintain because of the planning of the days.

The week has an odd number of days, so the fast days shift every week.

So you can also choose 3 fixed days per week, for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That way you have the weekend “free” and you have your fast days on fixed days of the week.

The benefits of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting can be a very effective way to keep your body healthy and also to lose some extra pounds. Many studies have since been conducted into the effects and benefits of Intermittent Fasting. The most important benefits of this are, according to the studies, the following facts:

  • Intermittent Fasting could, according to the studies, reduce the development of serious diseases and certain forms of cancer. Brain disorders, cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, in particular, would benefit from this. This has all been demonstrated by the many animal tests that have been carried out. Whether this can also have the same effect in humans is plausible, but not yet scientifically proven. Further research needs to be done on this. But the researchers who did the tests on animals are very hopeful about this.
  • Intermittent Fasting also seems to have a good effect on your ratio of LDL and HDL cholesterol. HDL cholesterol is your “good” cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol is your “bad” cholesterol. It is important that the amounts of both are in good balance, that is, as little LDL cholesterol as possible. I would like to point out that if you have been given cholesterol-lowering medication by the doctor, you must be careful with Intermittent Fasting. Discuss this with your doctor, so that you can eventually stop taking the medication in the long term, or at least reduce it, using Intermittent Fasting.
  • It has been known for years that insulin sensitivity has a strong influence on the production of growth hormones. Intermittent Fasting will indeed make you more sensitive to insulin, which will increase the production of growth hormones. The reverse also applies: As soon as you have more signs of insulin resistance, the growth hormone production becomes lower. If, in addition to the Intermittent Fasting, you also start to move more, the growth of the muscles will also increase. And we all know by now that good muscles will speed up your metabolism. Not only when you exercise, but also when you do nothing at all. And an acceleration of metabolism will clearly contribute to the loss of weight.
  • There is a lot of sugar in today’s diet. Your body will adapt to this, making your body a true “sugar burning factory”. Your body is constantly burning and processing the sugars offered, far too much. As a result, your body no longer knows how to burn real fat at some point, belly fat. And we actually want that for a healthy state of your body and to lose pounds. By applying Intermittent Fasting every day, you wake up your body as it were. This makes your body more alert and will start burning fat again.

No Candies

Eat, Fast & Live Longer

Michael Mosley, a diet guru, is regularly in the news because he personally tries everything. In the following documentary, he has set one goal: He wants to live longer with a younger body. He also wants to remove some excess kilos. With the help of Intermittent Fasting, he thinks he has found the solution: So eating and fasting, while still enjoying food.

In the documentary, you will see how he tests this. The results have changed his entire life.


Intermittent Fasting can be an important tool to get and keep your body healthy and to lose weight. But never lose sight of the fact that the days on which you can eat “everything” should of course not be “eating days”. It is precisely on those days that it is important to eat healthy and varied food as much as possible. If you do not do this, you will completely destroy everything that you have built up.

In addition, it is also important to exercise more.

By moving and exercising, the effect of muscle building through Intermittent Fasting is even stronger, making it easier to lose weight.

After all, muscles not only use energy when you are exercising, but also when you are sleeping or sitting.


Did you know that research shows that 1 in 3 just gains from a diet instead of losing weight? (source)

Metabolic cooking

Discover how you lose several kilos per week with tasty and easy to make slimming recipes!

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Red yeast rice / Red rice lowers Cholesterol

red yeast rice lower cholesterol

Red yeast rice / red rice lowers cholesterol


On the cover picture, you see red yeast rice. It may not look that good and it also tastes different from the normal white rice we all know. Image result for Red yeast

In China, this food has been used for centuries to tackle various ailments. In particular, problems with digestion and intestinal function are solved with this rice.

In the rest of the world, this is gradually being used more and more. Medications are increasingly being put aside and people are increasingly relying on a natural approach. This is partly because medicines often have side effects that are not pleasant and because some medicines are very expensive. If you can avoid the deductible, that is a step that some people take, or if you are in the US. you cannot afford expensive medical expenses.

In Europe, red rice against cholesterol is practically unknown, only in America, it is somewhat on the rise and has already caused a lot of fuss, both positive and negative. Why negative? Why positive? There are a number of things that are not entirely clear about red rice.


In 1999 there were a number of investigations into red rice in America. It was concluded at the end of the studies that this red rice can actually lower your cholesterol level.

The reason why red rice can lower your cholesterol is that it contains traces of a natural statin called lovastatin. Partly because of this it was taken off the shelves in America. It is not forbidden, but because it contains some form of statin, not everyone is allowed to just sell it.

Today it is available again, but only when the lovastatin has been filtered out. Indeed, this means that the effect of a natural cholesterol-lowering agent is no longer valid. Despite this law, there are still manufacturers who sell it without removing the lovastatin.

So it also works for me?

Yes and no! Yes, because it is proven that red rice can actually lower your cholesterol. But also no, because you do not always know whether you buy red rice with or without the natural statin. So if you really want to get rid of Image result for Red yeastyour high cholesterol without medication, it is useful to take other preventive measures in addition to, for example, red rice, such as more exercise, stopping smoking and drinking and healthier eating.

As with all other foods that help against high cholesterol, just adding red rice to your diet is often not enough to lower your cholesterol. For example, if you eat a greasy bite in addition to red rice, it usually doesn’t make much sense.

In addition to taking red rice, it is important to make your entire diet healthier in order to achieve the desired effect on your cholesterol as quickly as possible. It is important to eat less fat and sugar and more fiber. Fiber can be found in fruit, vegetables and whole-grain products. You replace white bread with brown bread and replace that fatty snack with an apple.

If you also eat red rice then lowering your cholesterol can go faster than just with a healthy diet.

The other extra step that you can also take to lower your cholesterol is by exercising more. If you don’t exercise for 30 minutes every day at the moment, that’s a good step to do.

Where can I buy red rice?

At online stores, you can also order it and have it delivered to your home. Check whether the natural statin is in the red rice. Call the online store before you order the product and ask the staff of a drugstore if they know if this is red rice with the natural statin extracted or not.

You can also get capsules with red rice powder. You can buy this at various health food stores with natural means to boost your health.

Preparation of red rice

You can prepare red rice in the same way as other rice varieties and combine them with vegetables to make it tasty.

Recipe with red rice

Red rice with chicken and stir-fry vegetables

Because red rice can be prepared in the same way as normal rice, you can also eat it in the same way. Lean meat like chicken is always a good combination with rice and is also the best meat to eat if you want to lower your cholesterol and still want to eat some meat occasionally. You can choose the stir-fry vegetables yourself, I would go for a sweet variety. The advantage of stir-fry vegetables is that you get a lot of fiber, minerals and vitamins in return.


Cook the rice as you do with normal rice.

Cut the chicken into small pieces and fry it until tender, then add the stir-fry vegetable to the chicken and stir-fry the whole until it is all done. When the rice is ready, you can also add it to the pan and stir everything well.

Enjoy your meal!


Red rice has an ingredient that is a kind of natural statin. This helps red rice to lower blood pressure. However, when buying red rice, be careful not to buy the version from which that natural statin is filtered. In that case, you might as well buy normal rice. Do you not want to prepare red rice? Then you can also take red rice supplements.

Just adding red rice to your diet to lower cholesterol is not always effective. This is because your cholesterol also depends on the rest of your diet and the amount of exercise you have. Red rice is a good tool to lower your cholesterol, but it is not a panacea.

Did you know that research shows that 1 in 3 just gains from a diet instead of losing weight? (source)

Metabolic cooking

Discover how you lose several kilos per week with tasty and easy to make slimming recipes!

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Buy the best cross trainer with the TOP 5 of 2018!

Buy the best cross trainer with the TOP 5 of 2018!

Buy the best CrosstrainerLooking for the best cross trainer for your home? I show you exactly what to look out for and give you the 5 best cross trainers for home!

You will find this in this article:

  1. What should you pay attention to if you want to buy a cross trainer?
  2. The Top 5 Best Cross trainers From 2018.
  3. The Benefits Of A Cross trainer?
  4. Tips For Training With A Cross Trainer.


What should you pay attention to when you want to buy a cross trainer?

If you want to buy the best cross trainer at home, there are a number of things you should pay attention to. Below I outline the most important things for you. The purchase is quite an investment so take a moment to explore the most important characteristics of a good cross trainer.

Rear-drive or front-drive

Front vs Rear driveThe flywheel of a cross trainer can be at the front or rear. If the flywheel is at the front, the movement of the cross trainer is horizontal and feels like a cross-country movement.

These are the cross trainers that you often see at the gym. With a flywheel at the rear, this gives a somewhat rounder movement. When the flywheel is at the rear, it also takes up less space.

Important to take into account when you buy a cross trainer for home.

The drive system

When you buy a cross trainer you can choose between two types of drive. You have the chain drive and the so-called V-drive belt or V-belt. A chain drive must be oiled regularly and makes more noise during use. A V-drive belt makes less noise and is maintenance-free but more expensive than the chain drive. A v-drive belt is therefore advisable and the best cross trainers usually have these too.

Cross trainer weight

The weight of the whole cross trainer says something about the quality of the product. In general, you can say that the heavier the cross trainer is, the more iron is processed in the cross trainer construction.

When more iron is used in the construction than it is better in quality than when, for example, a lot of plastic was used.

The ball bearings

Another important point for a cross trainer is the ball bearings. A cross trainer with ball bearings runs smoothly for longer and makes less noise. A device with double ball bearings is even better. These require less maintenance.

For example, SKF bearings are very good.

Flywheel weight

The flywheel is the big and heavy wheel which is at the front or back of the cross trainer. This wheel actually sets the cross trainer in motion.

A heavier flywheel generally runs better than a light flywheel. A heavier flywheel also gives a smooth movement and can give a greater resistance than a lighter flywheel. Always choose a heavier flywheel.

Maximum load weight

Also, a good indication of the quality of a good cross trainer is the maximum load weight. This is the maximum weight that the cross trainer can handle.

A good construction can have quite a bit of weight. Is the maximum load-bearing weight very low? Then the quality of the cross trainer is probably not that big and I would look a bit further.

The best cross trainers must be able to handle a maximum load-bearing weight of 120 kg.

Cross trainer warranty

As with any product, the warranty given by the manufacturer is a good indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in his product. A manufacturer with the best cross trainers gives a longer warranty on his product.

The warranty is usually divided into warranty on parts and the frame. A good manufacturer gives at least 2 years warranty on the parts and 3 years on the frame. Of course, longer is better!

The length pass

The length pass is important for a good experience on a cross trainer. A short length pass gives a step-like movement while a long length pass gives a more intensive running movement. A longer length pass is therefore generally better but also depends on the length of the user.

For people up to about 160 cm, a length of 40 – 45 cm is sufficient. Are you between 170 and 200 cm? Then a length pass of 45 – 55 cm fits better with you.

The top 5 best cross trainers of 2018

Do you want to buy a cross trainer?

Below you will find our top 10 best cross trainers where we have compared the above properties and of course the price!

1. ProForm Cardio HIIT Elliptical Cross TrainerProform CrossTrainer

My choice for the best cross trainer for home use!

Your feet are constantly in touch with smooth-moving cushioned pedals, so each stride has zero-impact for comfort, maximum efficiency and enhanced endurance. There is Reflex™ cushioning on the pedals to comfort your knees and back.

The Proform HIIT Trainer uses a vertical elliptical / stair-climber motion to allow its users to burn more calories in less time. Burning up to 4 times the calories in the same time period as on a treadmill. The resistant handlebars offer a boxing-like motion, with 24 tension levels.

We found the HIIT Trainer itself very sturdy and not at all wobbly; plus it has WhisperQuiet™ noise reduction for the flywheel, so it operates quietly while working out.

  • 24 Digital Levels of SMR Silent- Magnetic Resistance with OneTouch- Controls;
  • 40cm (15.7″) Stride; Clear, User-friendly 7″ Backlit LCD Display;
  • 32 Preset Workout Apps; iFit® Bluetooth® Smart Enabled (Subscription Sold Separately);
  • Size: L=140cm (55.1”), W=80cm (31.5”), H=168cm (66.1”); Tablet Holder;
  • Warranty: 2 Y (if Registered within 28 days of Purchase); CoolAire- Workout Fan;



2. Bodymax E60 Elliptical Cross Trainer

My choice for a cheaper cross trainer! Bodymax E60 Elliptical Cross Trainer

With a 10kg two-way flywheel and a robust steel frame, the Bodymax E60 Elliptical Cross Trainer weighs a total of 46kg. It can support a maximum user weight of 120kg making it suitable to achieve different fitness goals such as weight loss, muscle training, or cardio endurance. According to some customer reviews, the machine works well even for those with a height of above 6ft, as it is frustrating for them to find one that won’t restrict their movements. Luckily, this cross trainer offers an 18-inch stride so you can really maximize each workout with great movements.

  • 15 programmes
  • Hand grip and telemetric heart rate receiver
  • Upper and lower body workout
  • 10kg two-way flywheel
  • Transport wheels




3. NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical Cross Trainer

NordicTrack C7.5 Elliptical Cross TrainerThe NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical is tough to beat…not just in this price range, but in any. This is a solid elliptical machine with a heavy 20 lb flywheels that provides a consistent, smooth and quiet, low-to-no impact, knee-saving elliptical motion.

The 20” stride will accommodate most users and resistance and incline options to provide more than enough intensity for anyone.

The 22 levels of magnetic resistance and 20 degrees of incline can be adjusted automatically with the touch of a button. This allows you to find the perfect intensity without interrupting your workout.

The NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical is a really good choice for the money. It’s a very well built machine and comes with an excellent warranty.

It has tons of options and features which as a whole beat out the competition.

  • Flywheel Weight: 9kg (20lbs); Resistance: 22 Digital Levels of SMR Silent- Magnetic Resistance;
  • Incline Range: 0 – 20° Power-Adjustable Ramp; Generous 50.8cm (20″) Power Adjustable Stride;
  • 5″ User-Friendly Backlit LCD Display; 26 Workout Apps, iFit® Bluetooth® Smart Enabled;
  • HRM: Dual-Grip EKG-Pulse Grips and Bluetooth® Smart Wireless Receiver; AutoBreeze- Workout Fan;
  • Max. User Weight: 125kg (276lbs); Oversized, Cushioned Pedals; Soft touch- Upper Body Grips;




4. Hammer Cross tech XTR Programmable Cross Trainer

Hammer Crosstech XTR Cross TrainerIf you’re looking for a simple machine that you can use to exercise daily, then you shouldn’t look any further.

Perfect for beginners/ moderate users, people with lower body injuries, and those who haven’t exercised in a while, the Hammer Cross tech XTR Programmable Cross Trainer is a machine that will certainly get you back in shape.

This piece of exercise equipment is perfect for people who can’t handle jogging or running. It is also great for people suffering from lower body injuries. However, it’s not just people with injuries who choose to use this exercise machine.

It’s the top pick among people who simply don’t like the treadmill put still want to do their cardio.

The moving handlebars on the Hammer Cross tech XTR will allow you to work your arms, chest, back, and shoulders all while simultaneously exercising your legs. This also means that you will have the option to choose which part of your body you will put the focus on during your next workout.

  • German brand HAMMER has been established in European for over 100 years
  • Heavy 16 Kg magnetic flywheel for ultimate smoothness
  • Sturdy construction with max. user weight: 130 Kg (20.5 Stones)
  • GS and TUV Certified to German quality standards, 2 YEARS WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS



5. Viavito Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer

Viavito-Sina-Elliptical-Cross-Trainer-sideA noisy fitness equipment can be bothering for anyone. Thankfully, the Viavito Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer works quietly even when set at higher levels of resistance.

If you have limited space at home, this cross trainer might not be your best choice because it’s bigger than entry-level treadmills.

On the other hand, that means it provides more room for improvement which is important if you’re serious about getting fit.

This cross trainer features a 9kg (19.8lbs) flywheels that are responsible for its smooth and quiet operation, and also adds to its stability. It can support a maximum user weight of up to 120kg (264.5lbs) so it’s an excellent choice if you’re trying to lose weight, train your muscles, or improve your cardio endurance.

The main disadvantage that I encountered with the Viavito Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer is that it’s not very easy to assemble because the instructions are quite confusing. Although it’s a little difficult to put together, your patience would help a lot in building it in about an hour.

  • Flywheel: 9kg (19.8lbs) for Fluid Motion; 32 Levels of Computer Controlled Magnetic Resistance;
  • Stride Length: 38cm (15″); 4 User Profiles; 20 Programmes to Help you Reach Goals Faster;
  • Large, Comfortable Footplates; Dual-Colour Backlit LCD Display; 4 User Profiles For Better Accuracy
  • Metric & Imperial Switch MPH/KPH; Wireless Heart Rate Receiver (chest strap sold separately)
  • Dimensions LWH:132 x 55 x170cm; Warranty 2 years parts & labour; Max User Weight120kg (18.9 stone)


The advantages of a cross trainer

Training on a cross trainer has several advantages. Below we outline the most important benefits for you:

Combine with other activities

Watching a movie or TV series. You can combine this perfectly with sports on a cross trainer. During training, your upper body and head remain reasonably stable.

This makes it easy to watch your favorite series and sweat and lose weight! Because you are distracted, time also goes much faster. Before you realize it you have trained for an hour on the cross trainer!

You train the whole body

With a cross trainer, you use the entire body. During the exercise your legs, upper body and arms are used. The whole body is moving. You burn more calories and train all the muscles.

Burning calories

It goes without saying that while you train on a cross trainer you burn calories. With a cross trainer, you burn about 500 to 600 kcal per hour. With a few times a week training on a good cross trainer you can easily lose weight! It is, of course, important that you pay attention to the food.

Forwards and backwards

You can alternate between a movement forward or backward with a cross trainer. This way you can alternate the training. You also train other muscles when you train forwards or backwards.

Little load on the joints

Training on a cross trainer is not stressful for your joints. This is one of the great advantages of a cross trainer! In other sports such as running or tennis, the load on the muscles and joints is much greater and also the chance of an injury. That is why you will not easily get an injury on a cross trainer!

The best tips for training on a cross trainer

Training on a cross trainer is not difficult but there are a number of things that you should pay attention to while exercising. Below are the most important points that you should pay attention to while exercising on a cross trainer.

Challenge yourself

Challenge yourself and push your limits. Try increasing the tempo, resistance or duration of the workout every week! That is the only way you will see progress in your fitness and weight.

Drink enough

If you train a lot then you lose fluid. As with any sport, it is important that you drink plenty of water while exercising. Your body really needs it.

Use your whole body

It is tempting to let go of the most forward force. If you make sure that your arms participate well then you really train the whole body. Make sure you use the arms well during the exercise.

Ensure the correct posture

A good attitude is important. Make sure you keep your back straight while you are performing and try to tighten the abdominal muscles. In this way, you ensure that you train all the muscles correctly.

Working on a cross trainer, of course, you do to improve your fitness, to lose weight and / or to work on your muscles. But the most important thing is that you just enjoy it. The moment you have to force yourself to train ‘again’ on the cross trainer, you are doing wrong.

It must be a pleasure for you, to stay motivated. If not, then you better choose another device, or perhaps a totally different sport.

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