Burning belly fat With Green Smoothies!

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Burning belly fat With Green Smoothies!

Burn belly fat with green smoothies, how about that? Green smoothies can be a great meal after a workout, for breakfast and lunch.

These types of meals are conducive to weight loss and yes you can burn belly fat with green smoothies!

Burning belly fat with green smoothies can be seen as meals that are replaced, those that are low in calories and rich in nutrients. And they keep you full for a longer time!

Do you want a lot of weight loss, or are you just struggling with those last pounds? Then burning belly fat with green smoothies is an ideal plan!

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Belly Fat Burning With Green Smoothies, How Many Smoothies Should You Drink?

How many smoothies should you drink? Do you want to start burning belly fat with green smoothies?

If you want to consider it as a diet, two green smoothies per day are the healthiest way of this type of diet. If you drink green smoothies all day long then you have a chance that you will lose all the weight you lose when you stop.

So you want to strategically deal with your meals to reduce calories, without counting them by the way, because that is simply horrible while maintaining a healthy balance in what you eat.

And last but not least, if you only drink green smoothies in a day, then you will long for solid food and in the long run, you will not keep drinking green smoothies full.

I experienced this myself during my juice fast 30-day experiment. I only drank smoothies for ten days, but afterward, I was consumed by the desire for solid food and something I could chew.

The healthiest and easiest way to start burning belly fat with green smoothies is probably to replace both your breakfast and lunch with a green smoothie.

Then choose a healthy meal that contains little carbohydrates, with just a good piece of meat/fish and salad and/or vegetables.


Is This Recognizable For You?

  • Burning belly fat is always difficult
  •  You often have an appetite
  • Sports is nothing for you
  • Often a bloated feeling
  • You are too heavy

Well, recognizable? I was in that position too.

Until I started burning belly fat with green smoothies … Heyy, I suddenly found something that was feasible!


When Does The Belly Fat Burn With Green Smoothies?

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That goes fast, really fast, you can see it as a phase in which your body switches from a sugar burner to a fat burner.

If you take the belly fat with green smoothies seriously and besides your smoothies and main meal in the evening, do not eat other things, and leave the candy, cake and the chips, you will see results in your belly in the first week!

The most important rule is not to consume calories between meals. Let’s say you have breakfast and then for 4 hours no calorie intake, then have lunch and for at least 4 hours no calorie intake, then have dinner and after your dinner don’t have any calorie intake until next morning breakfast (4-4-12)

The first two days are the most difficult because your body and mind still crave sugar. But if you continue, your body will no longer get refined sugars, you will drink fruit and vegetables, and your body will be forced to burn fat because it has to get its energy from somewhere.

That is the moment you start to burn belly fat with green smoothies!

How Long Should You Keep Drinking Smoothies?

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To stay busy with burning belly fat with green smoothies you will have to drink the green smoothie for a while.

However, the actual period is different for everyone, it depends on how much belly fat you want to lose. And what purpose you have.

Some continue to drink green smoothies for months and see it as a new lifestyle. I tried for a month to only drink green smoothies. This following a documentary that I had seen. Below you can watch the documentary, it’s called Fat Sick And Nearly Dead.

Video: Fat Sick And Nearly Dead.

I became curious about burning belly fat with green smoothies and started my own experiment. I bought this green smoothie recipe book that contains all kinds of delicious smoothies that are even especially based on burning fat.

Burning belly fat with green smoothies is very realistic and has definitely worked out well for me. I have lost at least 8 kilos by drinking green smoothies.

What I can not recommend anyone to do this for a month, at least not just to live on drinking green smoothies.

It is a great tool to burn excess fat, but I do not recommend more than two green smoothies per day.

Take them for breakfast and lunch and have a delicious main meal in the evening. This way you benefit optimally from burning belly fat with green smoothies.

And how long do you continue this?

Well, how much weight do you want to lose? In a month’s time, you can certainly lose 7 to 10 kilos in this way.

I myself have never stopped drinking smoothies, it is now my breakfast as standard, and that way I will stop gaining belly fat again.

Bread in the morning is disastrous for me, then I eat more during the day than when I have breakfast with a green smoothie. In doing so, I think I only learn.

I hear from many people that when they start drinking green smoothies, the urge for candy and the wrong snacks just disappear, and that is exactly my own experience.

Benefits of belly fat burning with green smoothies

  • Green smoothies ensure that you lose weight
  • Green smoothies ensure that you do not starve your body
  • Green smoothies ensure that you get more than enough good nutrients
  • Green smoothies ensure that you get more energy
  • Green smoothies ensure that you no longer have a bloated belly
  • Green smoothies are easy to digest
  • Green Smoothies are a complete meal replacement
  • Green Smoothies are easy to carry
  • Green smoothies speed up your metabolism

Results You See Through Drinking Green Smoothies

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A nice slim body, how does that sound? Too good to be true? Not at all, not when you drink green smoothies as above. If you also aim for a flatter stomach, then that is also what you can expect if you start drinking a healthy smoothie twice a day.

Not only will you lose weight, you will also get much more energy and a faster metabolism.

Oh! And you will be happy! Because you finally found something that works out.

You know, if I can, you can do it too!

The omission of bad nutrition and sugars will help you not only to become healthier, but also mentally you will feel better.

Smoothie diets have become very popular in recent years. It is important to know that you should not replace all your meals with green smoothies. Unless you do this for a week so that you can detox from your sugar addiction.

Choose to replace one or two meals with green smoothies and your other snacks and your main meal healthy, preferably all consisting of ingredients in which no sugar is processed. So read labels!

Green smoothies are ideal for breakfast, especially if you are often in a hurry. They are also a good option after a workout, especially with added proteins.

Make sure you invest in a good juicer and a good blender, buy a reliable and tested recipe book for making green smoothies and get started!

A one-off investment, but a lifetime of fun!

Good luck!


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How to deal with emotional eating!

How to deal with emotional eating!

7 tips on how to deal with emotional eating!

You were not hungry at all, but you still eat a whole bag of chips. OK, yes, it was also a very stressful week. You hoped the bag of chips would cheer you up. But actually, you are only feeling worse now. Hmm, maybe that bag of licorice can help …

Emotion food, many of us have done it sometimes. We grab for food, not because it is healthy and we are really hungry, but to comfort ourselves. Often we also do it out of habit. It’s very annoying because we really do not want it deep inside. Do you want to stop eating emotion? In this blog, we give 7 tips on how to deal with emotional eating!


Wondering if you are an emotion-eater? Check the following points:

  • You do not stop eating as soon as you are full;
  • You eat without really knowing it (unconsciously);
  • Your ‘hunger’ feels urgent or comes on suddenly;
  • You have the strong need for a specific product (e.g. chocolate);
  • You get a feeling of guilt after eating.


1. Recognize your excuses

“Do you want a burger too?” “Mmm yes, I love too. I really had a bad day and I will not be fattened by one. Then I will REALLY start eating healthy tomorrow. ”

Do you recognize this too? You want to eat healthily, but still, find an excuse to eat something unhealthy. Many people do this. We are looking for a reason so that we can still get that snack. And often it does not stay with one snack.

It can help to be aware of this for a while. When do you make an excuse to eat unhealthy food? Do you feel rotten at that moment? Do you think you deserve that snack? If you realize what your excuses are, it can help you to not take that food.


2. Learn to let go

You have experienced something unpleasant in the past and you keep thinking about it. You do not want to think about it all the time, but you cannot get it out of your mind. That is quite logical because it probably affects your future. And it has shaped you. Only those nasty emotions that come with it, do you make sure that you feel like eating, do not you?

How do you get rid of this? Unfortunately, there is no ready-made solution for this. Often this really needs time. But do you realize: by accepting (at your own pace) what life looks like and what has happened, you learn step by step to deal with your emotions. And that ultimately helps you to stop eating emotionally.


3. Work on your self-confidence

You look in the mirror and think: “Pfff … am I this? If only, I were slimmer / taller / more handsome. “And when you step away from the mirror, how do you feel then do you think? You’re probably not happy and full of self-confidence. Maybe you have a feeling in your abdomen and you feel like eating this away.

More self-confidence can help to get rid of emotion-eating. But how do you deal with your uncertainty? Step 1: realize that uncertainty often has to do with fear. Fear that you cannot do something, that you are not good enough. That you make the wrong choices. Or that you are not beautiful or fun. And fear that others will find that too.

Good news: you can overcome fears. And realize, you do not have to be good at everything. Nobody wants yours (except yourself!).

4. Create positive thoughts

A small assignment: pay special attention to your thoughts today. What are you thinking of? Do you think about yourself? Who you are and what you look like? Write down these thoughts and divide them into two groups: positive and negative. What is the final score? Is it more positive? Or is it especially negative?

How to deal with emotional eating!

Did you know that experts estimate that over 70% of our thoughts are negative? Best an eye-opener, is not it? Whether our thoughts are positive or negative, we are often completely unaware of this. Actually, a shame, because those negative thoughts can really get in the way of us.

Do you want to think more positively? Then try to turn your negative thoughts into something positive. And what really helps: start the day with a smile, focus on everything that goes well and be proud of your strong qualities. Then you will automatically shine. And you often already have these negative feelings.

5. DO NOT take this unhealthy snack into your home

If you feel rotten, which snack do you most often catch? Maybe your favorite is a chocolate bar, a roll of cookies or a jar of Ben & Jerry’s? Make sure you do not have your ’emotion snack’ at home. You can desire it, but if you do not have it, you cannot eat it. Or you have to go to the supermarket especially for it.

UnHealthy Snacks

Are you about to get that snack? Then consider how much time, energy and money you have lost. And spend this on something nice. How about walking around with the dog, calling your best friend or watching an episode of your favorite series.


6. Find distraction

The solution for not thinking about food anymore? Thinking of something else. If you are busy (with something nice of course!), You have no more space in your head to think about that unhealthy snack. So look for distractions. Our ideas: meet with that hilarious friend, make a difficult puzzle or sing along with music (“I do not need a COOKIE to make me happy”)

7. Go exercise

Physical Activity

Okay, we understand well that sports are probably the last thing you want. You feel bad and just want that snack NOW. But sports can really help you now. That bad mood can actually take you away. The fresh air during jogging, the cheerful music during a Zumba class or the relaxing breathing exercises during yoga. This makes you happier. Not from that snack, because you will not be happier afterward.

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