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A smartwatch is no ordinary watch. It is an extension of your smartphone, your coach when exercising and an aid to a healthy lifestyle.

Do you want to buy a smartwatch and know which one suits you best? Then read on and I’ll show you exactly what to look for when you buy a smartwatch.

I also give you the top 5 best smartwatches at the moment! This way you can find the perfect smartwatch for you!


Dimensions of the screenDimensions of the screen

Do you find it useful that e-mails and other messages appear on your smartwatch and do you use that function often? Then the screen size is something to take into account.

The display of a smartwatch is not very large. A 1.5-inch screen is large enough for the notifications. But if you want to read the entire message, you need a larger screen.

Touch screensmartwatch-touchscreen

If you install multiple apps and, for example, want to control your agenda on your smartwatch, the touchscreen is an important option.

GPS and route information

For on the road, but also during exercise, a GPS on your smartwatch is useful.

The possibility to plan a route for when you run or cycle makes sports even more fun.

That is why this option can also be important for you to consider.

Smartwatch strapSmart watch strap

If you use your smartwatch at the office and you need to look stylish, then a leather strap or metal is the best option.

If you want to work with it, then this material is not suitable.

Then choose a rubber or plastic strap. Then you also have the option of choosing nice colors.

What do you find important?

A small watch that does not get in the way or one with a larger screen, so that you can better read the data?

Do you find it important that you do not have to charge your smartwatch every day or does it not matter?

Do you want to be able to enter many options and everything on your smartwatch, or do you also want to use your smartphone?

Also, check carefully whether the sport you practice fits the smartwatch.

And of course, the price is also important. For the most popular smartwatches, you still pay an average of 300 US dollars.


1. Fitbit VersaFitbit-versa

The best all-around smartwatch for the best price!

OS: Android, IOS, Windows Phone

Guarantee: 2 Years

Battery life: 120 hours

Sensors: Stairs, Pedometer, Calorie counter, Sleep monitor

Analysis of: Sleep, Steps, Heartbeat, Calories, Stairs

2. Apple Watch series 3apple-watch-series-3

My choice for the best Apple Watch!


Guarantee: 2 years

Battery life: 18 hours

Sensors: GPS, Pedometer, Barometer, Calorie counter,
Sleep monitor

Analysis of: Sleep, Distance, Steps, Heart Rate, Speed, Calories


3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier 3. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

OS: Android, IOS

Guarantee: 2 years

Battery life: 96 hours

Sensors: GPS, Stairs, Pedometer, Calorie counter, Sleep monitor

Analysis of: Sleep, Distance, Steps, Heart Rate, Speed, Calories



4. Samsung Gear SportSamsung-Gear-Sport

OS: Android, IOS

Guarantee: 2 years

Battery life: 72 hours

Sensors: GPS, Compass, Stairs, Pedometer, Calorie counter, Sleep monitor

Analysis of: Sleep, Distance, Steps, Heart rate, Speed, Calories, Stairs



5. Samsung Gear S3 ClassicSamsung Gear S3 Classic

My choice for a stylish Smartwatch!

OS: Android, IOS

Guarantee: 2 years

Battery life: 96 hours

Sensors: GPS, Pedometer, Barometer, Thermometer, Calorie counter

Analysis of: Sleep, Distance, Steps, Heart Rate, Speed, Calories




Do you want to buy a smartwatch?

Then you will have to take into account the operating system of your smartphone. Apple has launched several smartwatches on the market, the Apple Watch series.


The Apple smartwatch, technology and style!

As an Apple user you can, of course, opt for an Apple watch. The Apple watch all have the same design, only they differ in the size of the screen (38-42 mm). The screen of the Apple watch is pretty sharp with clear colors.

The battery life of the Apple watch is unfortunately not to write home about. You will probably have to charge it every day, especially if you want to use the GPS function.

In addition to the Apple watch, there are various Android smartwatches that can be linked to IOS. Check which version of IOS supports the smartwatch.


With Android, you can choose from different brands

Android smartwatches differ in size, screen shape, design and different bands. Some smartwatches even look like regular watches. Also with Android, the battery will probably only last a maximum of two days. If you want an Android smartwatch, then you have a choice of different brands. Whether you want an Android or an Apple watch, there are no major differences between functionalities.



1. Helps you move moresmartwatch-sport

For people who like to do something about their health, but who have not yet managed to work on it structurally, the smartwatch is ideal. Because you always carry it with you, it can remind you of regular exercise. You can enter your own goals and with the help of your smartwatch, you can work towards them efficiently.

The pedometer helps you to move more in an easily accessible way every day. But he can also help you achieve your goals with other sports. You can improve your fitness and strength with various training programs and a heart rate monitor. Because you gain insight into your progress, you feel more motivation to continue exercising than without a smartwatch.

2. Always have your personal assistant to hand

The smartwatch ensures that you are always up to date. You can sometimes forget your mobile or you have it at the bottom of a bag. You always have the smartwatch with you. It is handy that you can quickly see whether a message is important or not. Often a message can wait a while and you don’t have to look up your phone. Phone calls, mail, apps or other social media are all at hand.

The smartwatch also has a link with your agenda. As a result, you are reminded in time of appointments. So you have your own personal assistant.

3. Insight into your lifestyle

By using the smartwatch you gain insight into your lifestyle and your health. It can help a lot to get the information at a glance, such as how many calories you burn and how much your heart rate is and whether you sleep well. With this information, you can make adjustments if necessary.

For example, it can help to get an overview of your sleep rhythm and ensure more rest and a blackout curtain, so that you sleep more deeply. You can opt for a healthier diet because you see what you get in calories. The smartwatch can be linked with apps on your phone, giving you even more options to improve your health.

4. Play your favorite music

Of course, you have your phone for your music, but playback is very easy via your smartwatch. Do you want to flush a song or hear it again? That is much easier via the smartwatch than on your phone. Certainly, if you are exercising or cycling or walking outside and you want to keep your hands free.

5. Navigation

Your smartwatch can also display your navigation. This is a nice option, especially during exercise. You often see people running with a mobile in their hand. That is no longer necessary with a smartwatch. It is also handy for your bicycle, because you need a special holder for a telephone, and when it rains it is not an option. Use your smartwatch to find your way. A quick glance at your wrist and you know where to go.

HOW DOES A SMARTWATCH WORK?fitbit around wrist

A smartwatch is a wearable that you wear on your wrist just like a normal watch. However, it has a lot more options. That is because you can connect it to your smartphone. You make a connection with your smartphone through a Bluetooth connection or NFC. You install a smartwatch app on your phone, which can be Android Wear for Android or Watch if you have an Apple.

The smartwatch and your phone can now exchange information. They must be close to each other for this. Through this connection, your smartwatch actually becomes an extension of your phone. You can see the same information on it: your calendar, incoming apps, Facebook updates, emails and text messages. You can also play your music with it.

This makes it possible to stay up-to-date on what’s coming in via the smartwatch, without having to grab your phone. That saves extra actions, it is easier and faster. It also ensures that you can last longer with the battery of your smartphone.

A smartwatch can measure different things

This makes the smartwatch quite versatile and functions as a kind of virtual personal assistant. However, he often also has more options to help you stay healthy.

The smartwatch can do that because it can measure various things:

  • Heart rate
  • Burned calories
  • Number of steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Sleep sensor

With the data that the smartwatch provides, you can see whether you have exercised enough and how your physical health is.

If you then install fitness apps on your smartphone, you can keep track of your performance during exercise or improve your performance. Then you can, for example, use training programs that challenge you to achieve your goals. You can also enter what you eat in a day and you better opt for a healthy diet, which can help you lose weight. Insight into your habits can help a lot with that.

Other possibilities of the smartwatch are controlling your smart home. Not everyone has a house that is technically adapted to that, but it is possible. You could, for example, switch on the heating via your smartwatch, turn on the lights, open or close the curtains or activate the safety system. According to many people, the possibilities are not nearly exhausted.


Most smartwatches have the following functions:

  • Briefly shows which messages arrive: WhatsApp, Facebook updates, e-mails and the like.
  • Reminds you of appointments, by linking to your agenda.
  • Displays route navigation
  • Can play music via internal memory
  • Has GPS

But what makes a smartwatch even more attractive is the fact that it can help you choose a healthier lifestyle. We generally live a sedentary life, and that can pose health risks. We have absolutely no insight into how much we move and whether we are doing a healthy job.

The smartwatch can help you gain insight into this.

You will find the following options on most smartwatches:

  • A pedometer
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calorie counter
  • Range finder
  • Sleep sensor

You can install various apps on it that offer even more options. Think about:

  • Track calories from your diet
  • Counting calories in different sports (rowing, cycling, rollerblading)
  • Apps that offer different workouts


Not sure how to choose between these three wearable gadgets?

They each have different options.

The smartwatch

This watch has the most varied functionalities. You can use it for your normal daily activities, at work, but also in your free time and when exercising. As stated, it functions as a kind of personal assistant. Especially the agenda function and the display of social media messages make the smartwatch very versatile

The activity tracker

Activity Tracker measures your data throughout the day. You can enter your own goals and the activity tracker keeps track of whether you reach them. The activity tracker does not always have to be worn around your wrist. The function of the tracker is therefore about measuring your movements and giving you insight into how much you move and that happens whether you work, sleep, walk or sit on the couch. The data he can measure are your steps, possibly your heart rate and the calories you burn.

The sports watch

The sports watch is again more focused on training and sports. It only measures your data when you exercise and offers opportunities to register your training sessions and then analyze that data. You can use it to train for specific goals (such as running a marathon) and the sports watch can help you with this. He helps you improve your sports performance.

This shows that these three smart gadgets each have something different to offer. Depending on what you need, you can now make a balanced choice. The smartwatch is the most versatile of the three. With a smartwatch on your wrist, you have a lot of options in a small device. Not only can you quickly see what kind of messages you receive, you have music, GPS and navigation at hand, but you also have the option to be easily concerned with your health.

Did you know that research shows that 1 in 3 just gains from a diet instead of losing weight? (source)

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