Fitbit Charge 3 | Nice big screen, fast and good tracking, review!

Stress scoreFitbit Charge 3 | Nice big screen, fast and good tracking, review!



The Fitbit Charge 3 is super fine, very accurate and can do a lot. a slimmer successor to the well-known earlier model 2.

With a beautiful large screen, touch and heart rate measurement in the band is a small all-rounder.

Fitbit Charge 3

The Charge has a nice big screen, is faster and can track a lot of activities. In addition, you can leave your phone in your pocket because a lot can be operated with it.

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I have been using The Charge 3 for a while now and my experiences with it are actually even better than expected. He works very easily and the app makes it really addictive to keep using. I also like him better than his predecessor.
This all sounds very positive you would think.
And that’s right …


… there is one big objection.


That is the price. With the 170 USD (and 190 for the premium version) he is 3 times as expensive as a step-by-step pedometer from some in the lower market end stores selling this cheap rubbish. There are those things nowadays also in the grass boxes and immediately you can not call them bad anymore.

These units also measure your steps, other activities and sometimes even sleep. The heart rate measurement on all those units (I have bought and tested them as well as all) are dramatically bad. Your heart rate sometimes goes from 30 to 230 and back. If you stay for a long time.

Charge 3 functions

The Charge 2 was the most popular tracker of the company up to this moment. The Charge 3 continues this line in a new jacket. It is still a bit of guessing what they will change exactly to the 3 compared to the 2.

Let’s compare the older and more expensive Versa with this Charge 3:

The Charge 3 is nicer, slightly thinner and has a well-functioning ‘touch-screen’. This is a good addition since in the 2 you have to press hard for reaction. The Charge 3 is also waterproof and I have already started swimming! I also do the shower every night.

New functions

The new Fitbit charge 3 is equipped with a new touchscreen that improves the user-friendliness. Moreover, it is waterproof, so it can also measure and track your swimming performance (up to a depth of 15 meters). The Charge 3 is the first device in this line that is also suitable for swimming. Personally, the heart rate measurement in the water it works a bit less for me.

Check that you have slept well

Another advanced function of the charge 3 is the ‘sleep tracker’, also known as Fitbit as sleep score. This function will give you a figure based on how well you slept that night. You can also check whether you have slept continuously during the night, you have often been awake or that you may have had deviations in terms of breathing. On the basis of all these factors, the final mark is then also determined.

Longer battery life

The battery is also certainly improved with a battery life of no less than 7 days. The complete charging takes about two hours. Synchronization with various other devices is via Bluetooth 4.0. The battery life is becoming more and more important among the smartwatches, as Huawei recently changed its control system for the Huawei GT Sport to be able to realize a longer battery life.


Connect with your smartphone

With the new Charge 3, you can view incoming notifications from your smartphones, such as apps like Uber and Facebook, on your Fitbit and also record or reject calls. There is compatibility with both Android and iOS. Windows support follows in the fall of this year, MacOS is supported from version 10.6.


Perhaps the biggest drawback is that this Charge 3 has not received the built-in GPS that many of us hoped for. But that has the big competitor: the Garmin Vivosmart 4 also not.

More options

Other options of the Charge 3 are:

  • Stress tracking
  • Offline music storage
  • Fitbit Play

Stress score

He also has a stress score. This indicates how stressed you are. You want to know this because you often perform better if you have a low-stress score. Measuring sounds simple and according to the test that is actually also. You actually have to stand still for a few minutes while your pulse is being measured. From that, your personal stress score from that moment is made up and that can be from high (very stressed) to low (relaxed).

What is Stress Relief?

A valid question and I would not have believed in it if I did not see that Judith benefits from her Fitbit. She does the short stress-relief program every night before bedtime. Believe me: she does not do anything about bloody blab and is critical of anything and everything. In short: it helps her to become calmer.

Less stress

He is able to bring back your stress level. The fitness tracker will notice when your heart rate goes up without you moving. If this is the case, the device may suggest breathing exercises to reduce the stress. The app can then track when you experience a lot of stress, so that you may be able to change the patterns in your life.



Different sports

More than 7 different activities can be tracked with The Charge 3. That is a lot more than the previous one and ensures that you can actually do all the sports that most people do, think of running, cycling and also swimming.


After a long thought and testing, I have to say that The Charge 3 is worth its money. And so 4 times more than those cheaper trackers. This keeps your attention, can do a lot more, is much more accurate and you really use it. The rest is cheap (rubbish).


Buying something new for your hobby is always fun. Personally, I can really look forward to the postman if the package is not there yet. I now know what time he is at the door. Then I really make sure I’m there to tackle him, walk straight to the kitchen for a razor-sharp knife, pull the box open and admire the packaging. This does not take long and after some fiddling, with the opening of the box (getting rid of the sticker, leaving packaging intact) I can finally see my new purchase ????


The Fitbit Charge is very good and handy but it is also a super nice activity tracker available in black / graphite or blue-gray/rose gold!

Reliable buying

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