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How do I Get Rid Of My Beer Belly? 8 Tips for a Quick Result


If you are a man over thirty and drink beer regularly, chances are that you have realized in the shower that you have lost contact with your lower body.

That annoying beer belly predominates in everything you do. Whether you’re running or wearing a tight shirt, you feel uncomfortable with it.

But a beer belly is not only extra ballast, but it is also accompanied by health risks. Only this should give you sufficient motivation to get rid of that stubborn belly.

Do you suffer from a beer belly and want to get rid of it for good? With a little determination and the tips in this article, you will win that battle!

What you will discover in this article is:

  • What exactly is a beer belly
  • The different causes of the birth of a beer belly
  • What happens to your body when you give up alcohol
  • How you get the fastest out of your beer belly
  • The answer to the question: “is a beer belly really caused by beer?”
  • And much, much more …

What is a Beer Belly?

In the vernacular, a beer belly is often mentioned when it concerns men with a bulging belly. This is because a lot of beer drinking is associated with an increase in body fat, especially around the abdominal area.

Basically, we mean with a beer belly an accumulation of body fat in the abdominal area. It is often the result of consuming too many calories due to (alcoholic) foods and/or not enough physical activity.

The difference between a beer belly and a swollen belly is that in the case of the beer belly it is often about visceral fat, while a bloated stomach is caused by fluid retention or flatulence (gas formation in the abdomen).


What is the cause of a Beer Belly?

The classic beer belly is caused by a high visceral fat content. Visceral fat is internally fat and is located between our organs. It is the fat that is stored in the abdominal area and is considered the most dangerous type of fat for your health. Even slim people are more likely to have health problems if they have a large amount of body fat (source).

Where your body stores exactly fat you, unfortunately, have nothing to say about it. It is mainly influenced by your gender, age, lifestyle and genes. So it may well be that you suffer from a bulging beer belly, while your best friend – with whom you go into the pub every weekend – is not bothered by anything.

Men tend to store fat around the abdomen when they arrive in weight, while women store fat especially around the hips, buttocks and thighs (source, source, source).

This does not mean that women can not get a beer belly, it is only that they will get fat faster in the other areas. For women, losing belly fat is also a lot harder because of the female body stores more fat for fertility purposes. This has evolved evolutionarily to have enough energy for the fetus during the gestational period.

Another reason why men are more at risk of getting a beer belly is due to the negative effect of alcohol on the male sex hormone testosterone. Drinking many alcoholic drinks, including beer, causes the testosterone level to drop (source, source, source).

The reason why I like this is because a low testosterone level can increase the risk of weight gain, and especially more belly fat (source, source, source).

Research has shown that high alcohol intake (including beer) is associated with an increased risk of abdominal fat (source). Frequent alcohol consumption of more than 3 glasses per day ensures that men are 80% more likely to have belly fat than men who drink less or no alcoholic beverages (source).

It is generally assumed that the more alcohol you drink, the greater the chance of gaining weight or developing a beer belly (source, source). Drinking a lot of beer appears not only to be related to larger waist circumference, but it also provides more body weight.

In other words, drinking a lot of beer is not only limited to getting a beer belly, but it also makes you really thicker (source)! The risk of weight gain is also much higher in people who are already obese compared to slim people who drink beer, according to a 2009 study (source).

In summary: Men generally drink more alcohol than women, which can cause weight gain – due to an increased number of calories. In addition, body fat in men is more likely to accumulate in the abdominal cavity. Drinking a lot of alcohol can also lower the male sex hormone testosterone, which increases the risk of stomach fat.

Is a Beer Belly Really Caused by Beer?

It is often suggested that drinking beer can promote abdominal fat in a number of ways. But is that also true? Yes, as I have written before, there is certainly something to be said about it.

The beer belly is not just a myth. But beer is probably not only the cause of your beer belly. How exactly that is, I will explain to you perfectly.

Increased calorie intake

calorie intake with beerBeer contains the same amount of calories as a glass of soda, so drinking beer creates extra calories for your diet.

Beer also contains a lot of empty calories, it does not contain fiber, vitamins or minerals that you need to feel energetic and saturated, which also leads to a surplus of calories and body fat.

The relationship between weight gain and alcohol use is stronger in men than in women. You might suspect why this is coming

Men tend to drink heavier than women, research shows up to three times as much! (source, source, source).

Men generally also drink beer more often. And beer contains more calories than most other alcoholic drinks, such as spirits and wine (apart from sugary cocktails).

What you often see is that young people and students, in particular, do binge drinking. This is consuming large amounts of alcohol in a short time with the intention of getting drunk. Several studies have shown that drinking more than four drinks can increase the risk of abdominal fat in no time, no matter what alcoholic drink you drink (source, source, source).

In addition, drinking alcohol will increase your appetite in the short term, making you more likely to eat something than if you were sober (source). Moreover, it has been found that the calories from beer do not cause you to eat less.

This means that the calories from the beer will be added extra, in addition to your daily calorie intake. If you drink 6 beers in an evening, you can count 600 calories. Count out your winnings

Prevents Fat Burning

Burning FatAlcoholic beverages, which include beer, increase the risk of abdominal fat because the liver gives priority to the breakdown of alcohol in relation to fat burning.

In theory, this could cause more fat to be stored in your body, including your abdominal area. However, research has yielded mixed results so far.

In the long term, drinking moderate amounts of beer (less than 500 ml per day) does not seem to lead to an increase in body weight or abdominal fat (source, source). Despite this, drinking a lot of beer (more than 500 ml / day) can lead to weight gain over time (source).

Phytoestrogens in hops

Beer HopsBeer is made from water, grain, hops and yeast (source). Hop was initially added to beer as a preservative.

But nowadays, hop is mainly used to flavor beer because it is rather bitter, balancing the sweetness of sugar in the grains.

What you probably did not know about hops is that it contains phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are plant substances that can imitate the action of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body (source).

Because of the high phytoestrogen content in hops, it is thought that the hops in beer can cause hormonal changes in men who increase the risk of abdominal fat. How these plant substances affect the belly fat precisely is not yet known (source).

In short, drinking a lot of beer is not a good idea for anyone who wants to lower their fat percentage. Enough reason to do something about your beer belly and to moderate your beer consumption!

Are you looking for good tips to get rid of your beer belly? Then read on quickly.

How do I get Rid of my Beer Belly?

Beer belly photoshootMost probably you ended up on this article because you suffer from a bulging beer belly.

That is good, because recognizing that you have a health problem is the first step to tackle it.

Unfortunately, there are no superfoods that let your belly fat melt away. There are also no specific exercises, such as crunches, that make your beer belly disappear.

I already see you thinking No, cosmetic surgery such as liposuction is not a solution either. Moreover, it does not reach the fat on the inside of the abdominal wall.

A crash diet is also not the desired solution. You then lose muscle mass. Something you want to avoid as a man.

Sometimes the solution is closer than you think …

The best way to get rid of your beer belly is by means of nutrition and physical activity.

Are you someone who likes to drink beer? Then try to moderate your alcohol consumption or stop drinking alcohol for a while. Keep in mind that the more you drink, the greater the chance of weight gain.

If you are trying to lose weight and improve your health, switch to a diet that is based on natural, unprocessed foods and avoid added sugars and refined carbohydrates (see tip 2 below).

Sufficient physical exercise and exercise are also effective ways for men and women to lose belly fat. Both cardio and high intensity training can help to eliminate your beer belly or love handles.


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OK, now it’s time for the real thing!

From Beer Belly to Six-Pack with 8 Tips

Here are some proven tips to get rid of your beer belly:

Tip # 1: Less Alcohol

no-alcoholIt may be clear by now that drinking too much alcohol contributes to the fact that your beer belly never disappears.

This does not mean that you have to become a teetotaler. You do not have to stop alcohol at all. After all, every man (and woman) has the right to occasionally enjoy a delicious Affligem or Hertog Jan beer.

But you can improve your health and lose weight by reducing a lot with alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to more belly fat anyway.

And alcoholics, then, who are usually slim too? the smart reader may notice. That’s right, but most alcoholics have a very bad diet and often do not eat. That makes them thin. Moreover, there is a big chance that an alcoholic has a lot of visceral fat.

That is not visible to the naked eye, but very unhealthy.

Limit yourself to one night of drinking during the week and do not pour 20 beer glasses in your throat. Enjoy a vodka or whiskey and skip the soda and beer for that evening.

Tip # 2: Eat More Protein

Proteins are your allies in the fight against obesity!animal proteins

A meta-analysis from 2009 looked at the short-term effects of following a protein-rich diet (source). The researchers looked at the data from three randomized studies that all lasted three months.

The research results show that eating protein-rich foods causes weight loss, a decrease in abdominal fat and reduces the risk of heart disease.

It appears that people who eat more protein generally have less belly fat than people who have few proteins in their diet (source, source).

If you decide to exercise as part of training your beer belly away, eating more protein is also advisable for growing muscle mass.

More muscles also means that you burn calories much more efficiently because muscles require more energy to be maintained, even if you are on the bench for a while after exercise. This is what we call the afterburn effect after exercise so that your fat burning stays going.

Looking for good sources of protein? Then read the article below:

Protein-rich Nutrition: Foods that contain most protein ! Top 35

Did you also know that protein is the most satiating macronutrins (even more than carbohydrates and fats) (source)? After eating a protein-rich meal, the ghrelin level drops considerably. Ghrelin is also called the hunger hormone. The lower the ghrelin level in your body, the less you suffer from a hungry feeling.

Tip # 3: Eat Low Carbohydrate low-carbohydrate diet nutrition

Limit bad carbohydrates, such as refined or processed carbohydrates, in your diet. These include foods with many added sugars. Think for example of soft drinks, white bread, pastries and cake.

These refined carbohydrates have little nutritional value and contain few nutrients, such as vitamins, fibers and minerals. They allow your blood glucose to rise quickly and ensure that more insulin is produced. This hormone also promotes fat storage, especially around the abdominal area (source).

Low-carbohydrate diets have proven to be effective in burning body fat, including belly fat. This is supported by various studies (source, source). When people drastically limit their carbohydrate intake, their appetite decreases and they lose weight (source).

Compared to typical low-fat diets, researchers show that low-carbohydrate diets are better for regulating the feeling of satiety and appetite (source, source).

How come you might wonder? This is mainly due to the higher protein intake and the fact that a low-carbohydrate diet does not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Probably the biggest explanation for the weight loss of a low-carbohydrate diet is the powerful effect on appetite. When people eat less (bad) carbohydrates, their appetite decreases and they automatically eat less calories (source).

Consider healthy carbohydrates, especially fruits, vegetables, whole grains, quinoa and legumes. These foods usually have a higher fiber content and contain little (added) sugar. More fiber means that the food stays longer in your digestion and that you feel fuller, even if you eat less.

With these healthy carbohydrates in mind, you still want to follow a low carbohydrate diet for the best weight loss results (source).

Tip # 4: Try to Stress LessStress man in the car

Are you a person who is stressed quickly? Then sit down and take a rest.

Too much stress in your life can cause the urge for fatty and high-sugar foods to increase.

If you suffer from chronic stress, chances are that your adrenals produce a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that increases appetite and promotes the storage of fat in the abdominal area (source, source).

Once a stressful period is over, cortisol levels should decrease. But you understand that if the stress in your life does not disappear, the cortisol level remains unhealthy high.

In women who have a large waist in relation to their hips, research has shown that they secrete more cortisol when they are stressed (source).

Stress also seems to affect the preference of food.

Some studies indicate a difference between men and women in dealing with stress. Women tend to be more likely to eat food when they are stressed, while men prefer to indulge in smoking and alcohol (source).

With this in mind, you may wonder what you can do to be less stressed by life.

Here are some tips for stress

  • Physical activity: staying in motion is an effective way to reduce daily stress. Even something as simple as walking in nature or just walking around and getting a breath of fresh air can improve your perspective and perspective on life
  • Relax: it is important that you learn to relax physically. Do muscle exercises, mindfulness or meditation. Even something as simple as learning breathing exercises can help calm your body and help you manage stress better.
  • Change your thoughts: the way you interpret situations can also cause stress. By changing your way of thinking you can deal with unpleasant situations in a more positive and productive way.

Tip # 5: Cardiovascular Exercises

woman on a cardio deviceCardio is an effective way to lose your beer belly and improve your health. You stand on a treadmill or crosstrainer and you get moving.

Do this for half an hour a day and it can only be that you lose weight in the long run, provided you also eat healthy of course.

The secret formula is quite simple: the more time your body is in motion, the more calories your body will burn.

A study published in 2018 found that prolonged sitting increases the risk of a belly, as does visceral fat that accumulates around the organs such as the liver (source).

Experts are not yet sure whether moderate intensity or intensive cardio training is more favorable for reducing abdominal fat (source, source). In any case, the frequency and duration are more important than the intensity of it.

A 2015 study concluded that women lost more body fat when they did moderate-intensity aerobic exercise 300 minutes per week than when they did 150 minutes per week (source).

For fat burning is actually any form of cardio good. If you like to do group classes at the gym to burn extra calories, do so. If you like to walk for at least thirty minutes every day, then that’s fine too.

The most important thing is to stay consistent with what you do. So choose something that you like and can sustain for a longer period of time.

Research has shown that it has no advantage to perform cardio on an empty stomach (source). However, if cardio is performed on an empty stomach, drinking a protein shake or protein-rich meal can help to prevent muscle loss.

Tip # 6: Avoid Added Sugarsavoiding sugars

Even if you do dozens of exercises in the gym, if you do not combine it with a healthy diet then all the efforts you have made are quite meaningless.

Excite yourself to improve your eating habits forever. Added sugars are the biggest enemy for your health.

To get rid of your beer belly you have to try to avoid sugary products. Excessive sugar consumption can be a major cause of excess belly fat.

In particular, soft drinks that are rich in sugars are a fattener. Liquid calories are not recorded in the same way as calories that you eat (fixed calories). So if you drink sweet drinks, you will eventually gain more calories in a day.

Research shows that there is a link between the consumption of sweet drinks and obesity in children (source).

Here are some healthy suggestions:

  • Drink enough glasses of water a day
  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Choose lean meat with little fat
  • Eat more soluble fibers
  • Do not drink sugary drinks (think of syrup, soft drinks, fruit juices and sugary sports drinks)
  • Avoid cake, chips, cookies, candy, fast food, hot dogs, snacks and processed meats such as hot dogs, sausage rolls and sausages.

Certain carbohydrates (short chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols) in foods can also cause you to suffer from a bloated stomach.

You do not have to worry about eating fruit because they contain carbohydrates. Portions of fruit are healthy and contain a lot of fiber. The amount of fructose in fruit is also negligible compared to what you get when you follow a diet with a lot of refined carbohydrates and added sugars.

Tip # 7: Start with Strength Training or Fitness

muscular-manSurprisingly, building muscle can help increase your metabolism. A kilo of muscles burns more calories than a kilo of fat, even if you do not perform a blow after your training.

Strengthening your muscles will also help you to perform better when you are training, which means that you can train more heavily and burn more body fat.

And if you work on your muscles and also do cardio, then you can not help but get an attractive figure that you can be proud of. You want to do exercises that appeal to multiple muscle groups (think of squats, deadlifts and pullups, for example).

You can not just focus on your abdominal area to lose weight, because local fat burning is impossible. What you want is to lower your total amount of fat in your body to get rid of that beer belly.

With compound exercises, or compound exercises, you speak to multiple muscle groups. This not only helps to build up more muscle mass, but you also lose a lot of calories with it!

Muscle tissue finally uses more calories than fatty tissue.

By developing muscle mass, your body will burn more calories at rest. Men are fortunate in that sense because they are much more able to build muscle mass because of their higher testosterone levels.

But do not limit your exercises to doing situps or pullips alone. Train all muscle groups of your body! By that, I mean your arms, legs, back, shoulders and abs.

Practicing fitness and strength sports also leads to fewer inflammations in your body, lower blood sugar levels and less risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (source).

Tip # 8: Relax and Give It Some Time

RelaxLet’s not fool ourselves, losing your beer belly and getting back in shape takes time, effort and patience.

Give yourself realistic goals and do not panic if you are in front of the mirror after a week and nothing seems to have changed. Playing sports and looking after your diet really works, but you have to give it some time (at least 2 months) to see results.

Make sure you take regular rest and relax. At tip 4 I have already told you that stress leads to hormonal changes that seem to promote fat storage in the abdominal area. So do not fool yourself and continue your healthy changes!

Did you know that research shows that 1 in 3 just gains from a diet instead of losing weight? (source)

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