Huawei Watch GT, A new operating system, Better battery and more functions!

Huawei Watch GT review

Huawei Watch GT, A new operating system, Better battery and more functions!


The Huawei Watch GT sport goes one step further compared to its predecessors.

In addition to measuring your heart rate and smartwatch-sport-huawei-gt-20

sports performance, this sports watch can now also give you advice on your training sessions and recovery periods.

Huawei Watch GT sport

A beautiful thin and light design, a new operating system and perhaps the longest lasting battery among the sports watches of this moment! View the Huawei GT Sport! BUY IT HERE!!

Is it also a real smartwatch?

In principle, the Huawei GT sport is not a real smartwatch. He has no android system but his own operating system, so mainly a sports watch. He does have certain ‘smart functions’ such as:

  • Can see who is calling you
  • Receive messages
  • Receive notifications from, for example, your agenda

For example, on a real smartwatch, you would expect more functions such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Spotify, which unfortunately does not have this sports watch. So the Huawei GT sport is a ‘sports watch thoroughbred’

No more Google operating system

Huawei leaves behind the WearOS operating system of Google with this new sports watch and chooses its own new system LiteOS. In this way, they promise to make room for new functions and a really improved battery life. That battery life is certainly one of the most important innovations of this sports watch.

How long does the battery last?

If you use it in ‘full sports mode’ with GPS and heart rate measurement, this watch lasts 22 hours. A good battery performance.

And if I do not use it intensively?

If you have this watch on, but more used as a ‘smart watch’, it can even last up to 7 days on battery. A big improvement compared to previous and other smartwatches for sports.

Pros and cons


  • Own operating system, but can be linked with iOS and Android
  • More functions
  • Improved battery life


  • No NFC
  • Not suitable if you are also looking for the real ‘smart watch’ feeling

Design and functions

What is immediately striking about this new Huawei is that he is so nice and light he is. This is really a step further in the smaller and slimmer of the sports watches. Around the wrist, he really feels like a ‘normal watch’ with simply the added values of the GPS, heart rate measurement and sports functions.


The display of this sports watch is equipped with a touchscreen. By means of swiping, pressing and sweeping, you control this smart gadget. The size of the display is on average about 4 centimeters. The display of this Huawei GT sport is really very well lit, so you can even operate it when the sun is full.



What is important about a tracker?

1 Heart rate monitor 2 GPS 3 Chipset/processor

Heart rate monitor

ad 1) The heart rate monitor function ensures that you can really use it as a fitness tracker. A reliable continuous heart rate measurement during exercise gives you live feedback on the degree of intensity that you are exercising.


ad 2) GPS makes a smartwatch really more multifunctional. The distance, the speed and all averages are much more accurate than when there is a motion sensor to measure these values. You can usually also easily navigate with it. You can count on a surcharge of 50 to 150 dollars for internal GPS.


The last 3 is the chipset.


A good processor chipset in a fitness device ensures faster operation. The response to pressing a button or using an app works faster. You do not have to wait and everything goes just a bit smoother. You do not have to wait for those micro-seconds until you see changes on the screen, but it happens immediately. That is beautiful and increases the feeling of how intuitive he is.


What stands out in the first meeting and what’s good about it:

  • Call
  • Measure your internal heart rate on your wrist
  • Touchscreen
  • Use phone partly from your smart band around your wrist
  • So a complete replacement of telephone, heart rate monitor and activity tracker if all goes well
  •  there are more and more apps


More specifications:

  • Very wide rubbery band
  • Luxury closure of the band
  • Waterproof, so showering is allowed, not swimming
  • Extra battery available to charge him on-the-go
  • 3G
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS without a telephone nearby
  • High-resolution screen
  • Many mAh battery/battery
  • Bluetooth 4
  • GPS
  • A lot of Gb storage

Fully Charged

2-Week Battery Life*, Travel without Limits Introducing the first double chipset architecture in the industry and this new design provides a 2-week battery life* to keep up with wherever you go.


This model is available in colors metal and black and the black will be chosen 90% I guess because a hip color is nice for a while but with this investment, you do not just choose red or green I suspect. Metal can be very nice again (for ladies).

VO2 max

Nowadays more and more devices can measure your VO2 max. This VO2max is an indication of your physical fitness level and you want to improve that. This is not as accurate as a hospital measurement but gives a pretty accurate indication of your current state of fitness. You can then keep track of your fitness level during your training sessions.


Oxygen intake

Normally, your VO2 max is measured with an oxygen mask. The VO2max is normally determined by measuring the oxygen intake and also the emissions during prolonged and increasing intensive exertion.

You do this, for example, on a bicycle trainer during a sports medical examination or elsewhere in a medical center. This VO2max is then achieved when the amount of oxygen absorbed does not increase any more, despite an increasing effort.

If you have ever done this, you also know that this is intense ;-).

Higher is better

The fitter you are the higher your VO2max, which is behind this function. So the more oxygen you get from the air the better it is because you want to record as much as possible per minute.

Huawei Smart Watch

Sleep measurement

Huawei has also officially joined in the fight for the best sleep measurement. That is something for which Apple, for example, has not yet dared to burn its fingers, even with the Apple Watch 4.

How good is that Huawei sleep measurement?

Of course, it is questionable whether this sleep measurement also works well, but Huawei has indicated that they have asked advice from the Harvard Medical School to create an algorithm that is capable of analyzing and understanding the way we sleep..

Connect with your smartphone

The sports watch easily connects to your smartphone via Huawei’s own app. You can then also keep track of and check all your health and sports performance data on your phone.

Training effect

With the training effect function, he can tell you exactly what your workout has meant for you. He indicates whether you have retained the fitness level, you have improved and he can even indicate whether you have been exercising too intensively (and are therefore at risk of injuring etc.)

Calculate recovery time

If you have trained or trained for several days in a row, this Huawei can use this function to calculate and determine your recovery time. You then also see a real countdown of 16 or 24 hours, this way you know when you can start exercising again.


The Huawei GT sport is water-resistant enough to swim with. At the training options, you will also see swimming in front of the pool or open water. When swimming in open water, he can even follow where you have swum, which is of course very useful to calculate your total number of swims.


If we test it and compare it with the other sports watches of, for example, GarminGarmin or Polar, then the eye falls mainly on the new operating system and the improved battery life. It is not a rude thing like some other sports watches that are, but really feels like a normal watch on your wrist. Incidentally, we will probably see this more often and better in the sports watches of all these brands.

VS the Huawei Watch 3

If we compare this new watch with the Huawei Watch 3, I notice the following:

  • The Huawei GT sport has a more beautiful design than the Watch 3. This is, of course, talking from me, but when I hear the sounds around me, many others agree with me.
  • The new watch has a new operating system and improved battery life
  • Where the Watch 3 could be operated with two buttons, the GT sport is equipped with a touchscreen

Buy Huawei Smartwatch

The Huawei Watch is not super nice but very good. Opinions differ a lot about appearance. Where one person finds him cool and beautiful, another says that he is too fat/bulky on your wrist. The content of this ‘sports package heart rate monitor’ is really a step forward. With a good heart rate monitor on the wrist, Android Wear 2 as a control system and an intuitive navigation through the many functions, this Smartwatch really fights with the normal heart rate monitor!

Reliable buying

When buying online, reliability, speed and of course the best price is important.

This is the best offer:




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