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So You Can Lose Weight Fast with Jumping Rope + Schedule


Jumping rope is a low-threshold sport with which you can burn a lot of calories and use all the muscles in your body.

With a jumping rope, you can effectively use your sport to lose weight through a small investment in time.

It is not for nothing that top athletes often jump rope make part of their training routine. It is a very intensive sport and a good way to loosen the muscles.

Forget the gym and use a good training schedule to jump rope to reach your goal weight. I will give you the best tips.

This is what you will learn in this article:

  • Or you can lose weight by jumping rope
  • When jumping rope is not wise
  • The dangers of jumping rope
  • A schedule with which you can build it up

What makes jumping rope a good way to lose weight?

Jumping rope is a very intensive way of moving. It is very tiring to make the small jumps every time. The advantage of this sport compared to many other sports’ is that you use all the muscles in your body. When running, you mainly use the leg muscles.

It is a way of exercising that is easy to plan in your schedule.

Yet you should not think that jumping a couple of minutes a couple of minutes a day is the right training. You can best stick to a tight training schedule. Later in this article, we will discuss an effective training schedule.

How many calories do you burn with jump rope?

Jumping rope calorie loss scheduleA few minutes of jumping rope will cost you a lot of energy. So you can not help but burn a lot of calories.

Here are different theories with different outcomes.

The number of calories you burn per half an hour depends to a large extent on your body weight.

It costs someone of 80 kilos more trouble than someone weighs 60 kilos.

When jumping, a 60-kilogram person burns about 250 Kcal per half hour. You will not achieve this number in most other sports’.


Which diets can you use to jump rope?

In some diets, it is not wise to practice intensive sports’. You should be careful with all diets that fall under the heading of a crash diet. You get too little energy to burden your body too heavily. Your body needs fuel to be able to produce energy.

The body also needs nutrients to recover from the effort after exercise.

With a crash diet, you do not get enough food at all, so the body can hardly recover from the strength.

The consequence? You can keep muscle pain for days and even lose muscle mass. Do you want to exercise next to a crash diet? Choose at least for a not too intensive sport.

Most other diets can be easily combined with active sports’. Jumping rope is one of the best sports’ to support the dieting.

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Why is jumping rope the ideal sport in combination with losing weight?

Not everyone likes to go to the gym a few times a week to do exercises. Also, due to shame, it is often a big step to take.

The same applies to swim and running. Jump rope can be done in your own home and at your own pace. Of course, the intensity of the sport is also an important advantage of this sport.

Because you also have to put your muscle mass in, you will easily lose weight by jumping the rope. The danger of losing weight is that you also lose muscle mass.

By practicing a sport in which you have to burden your muscles heavily, you ensure that your muscle mass is maintained. Also ensures that you take sufficient high-quality proteins.


The advantage of jumping rope as a sports’ activity

The advantages of the rope jumping in combination with the desire to lose weight will be put it together in a few points for you:

  • Advantage # 1: Intensive – It is an intensive sport that also loads the muscle mass
  • Advantage # 2: Cheap – It is cheap compared to many other sports’
  • Advantage # 3: Simply at home – You can simply exercise at home and it is, therefore, easier to plan. It costs little space in your house
  • Advantage # 4: You keep it indoors – You do not have to go to a gym or to a swimming pool. In your private environment, you can work on your fitness and weight

Jumping rope also has disadvantages as a sports’ activity


There are many advantages, but certainly also disadvantages. For example, it is not a sport that is suitable for everyone. It is a heavy load on, for example, the knees.

Overweight people will find it difficult to keep the string going for several minutes at a time. Below are 3 more disadvantages of this sport:

  • Disadvantage # 1: You have to be able to provide the motivation yourself – Working in a team has the advantage that you have a stick behind the door. You can not let the team down and what often also comes into play is the fact that you have already paid for it.
  • Disadvantage # 2: Injury susceptible – Whit rope jumping, your knees and your ankles may be too heavily loaded. As soon as you get bothered by this, you have to switch to a different sport
  • Disadvantage # 3: Maybe too intensive – Sports to support a diet has a goal to burn as many calories as possible. In addition, it must also motivate to keep going on with your diets. If you find it to hard jumping rope, you should stop it and choose an alternative (less intensive) sports’.

Prepare training and then build up slowly

It is often thought that losing weight with string jumping is a matter of starting at full strength. The opposite is true. You must first provide the right equipment. Then you have to build up the training slowly.

What do you need to seriously start jumping rope?

You do not have to think about weight loss with rope jumping too lightly. To lose weight with the jumping rope you have to take it seriously. You have to buy decent sports’ shoes that can relieve your knees and ankles. You have to create a space in your home where you can finish the training.

In addition, you must have a jump rope with a good grip. To keep up with the training sessions it will help to play music.

The best rope jumper in the world!

jump rope lose weight 

Training schedule for jumping rope

Similar to running, the jump rope must also be built up slowly. Your body has to get used to the heavy load.

Even if your fitness is good, you still have to build up the training schedule. In total, you build up training in 6 weeks. Faster, but then you have a greater chance of injuries.

  • Train schedule week 1: Daily jump 1-minute string every day. You do this with the so-called speed step. That means that you do not jump but make a walking movement (see photo below)
  • Train schedule week 2: Now twice a day 2 minutes. You can now also switch to jumping, so jump now instead of a running movement
  • Train schedule week 3: 2 times a day 4 to 6 minutes
  • Train schedule week 4: You can now try to keep it going for 10 minutes in a row
  • Train schedule week 5: Expand to 15 minutes in a row. Do not do this 7 days a week. Build in rest days
  • Train schedule week 6: In the last week of building 2 or 3 times a week 20 minutes.

Choose for interval training

You can use the rope even more effectively to lose weight even faster. You do this through interval training. 45 seconds of intensive rope jumping followed by 30 seconds of rest. Beginners can choose to jump 30 seconds intensively followed by 30 seconds of rest.

Because of the effort followed by rest, your body will build up a better condition faster and burn body fat faster.

Alternative sports’ to lose weight

When exercising to lose weight, it is important that you enjoy working out. Do not like jumping rope? Or is it a too heavy load for your knees or ankles, then choose an alternative sport. Swimming, cycling or through walking is less stressful for the body.

The big advantage of these forms of physical activity is that you control the intensity yourself. Instead of cycling, you can also opt for an exercise bike or a similar device at home.

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