The top 8 best spinning bikes of 2018! (Check the number 1!)

best spinning bike home

The top 8 best spinning bikes of 2018! (Check the number 1!)


Do you want to buy a spinning bike? A spinning bike is a great way to work in a group or alone. It is intensive, challenging best spinning bike home

and above all very fun to do.

At home, you can always train when you feel like it. But what should you pay attention to when you want to buy a spinning bike? And what are the best spinning bikes of the moment?

That is why I show you in this article exactly what you should pay attention to when buying a spinning bike. And to sum up the best spinning bikes of this moment! Read on.

You will find this in this article:

  1. What should you pay attention to when you are going to buy a spinning bike
  2. The top 8 best spinning bikes of 2018
  3. The best cheap spinning bike
  4. The best professional spinning bikes
  5. What is better: a spinning bike or exercise bike
  6. The benefits of training with a spinning bike
  7. Tips for good spinning training

What should you pay attention to when you are going to buy a spinning bike

Buying a spinning bike is a big investment. Therefore, take the time to delve into the different characteristics of a spinning bike. You have to decide for yourself whether you want the functions on your bike and whether you have the extra price for it.

The drive

Spinning bicycles have two types of drive. You have the chain drive and the so-called V-drive belt or V-belt. A chain drive must be oiled regularly and makes more noise during use. A V-drive belt makes less noise and is maintenance free but is more expensive than the chain drive.

The stage system

With a spinning bike, you can choose between two types of stage systems: a transit system or a freewheel system. With a transit system, you can not just stop pedaling. The bike simply kicks in even if you want to stop. This ensures that you do not give up quickly and continue. Even if you are tired. With a freewheel, you can stop pedaling at any time. The flywheel rotates but the pedals do not.

Flywheel weight

spinning Flywheel weight

The flywheel weight is often not included in the selection criteria. The weight of the flywheel is very important. While cycling you drive the flywheel by pedaling and the flywheel imitates the same forward feeling as on the bike. But that is not the only thing. It also ensures that the spinning bike stands firm and does not bump when you stand on the pedals while cycling. Therefore choose a spinning bike with a flywheel weight of ten kilos or more.

Training computer

spinning bikes Training computer

A training computer contains different training programs so you can work on different goals. For example, you can choose a heart rate program, where the resistance is matched to the heart rate. Or a program where the resistance always remains the same. There are also training computers with, for example, cardiac registration, consumed calories and the like.

Load-bearing weight

Only applicable if you are heavier. Make sure that the spin bike can carry your weight. This is indicated by the maximum load-bearing weight.

Built-in generator

Another nice feature is the built-in generator. This means that the energy you supply with bicycles is used for the training computer etc. No batteries or power are needed.

Buy a spinning bike? The top 10 spinning bikes of 2018!

Curious about the top 10 best spinning bikes? Below you can compare top 4 best spinning bikes for home use.

At number 1.:

is the sportstech Exercise Bike Ergometer SX400. £ 584.95

Sportstech spinning bike

This Sportstech is a good spinbike at a competitive price.

With a flywheel of 22 kg, Smartphone App Control + Google Street View, Arm, Heart Rate Monitor, Silent,

Max. 150 kg

this is a solid spin bike for home.

That is why it is my choice for a spinning bike in this price range!

My choice for the best spinning bike for home!




At number 2.:

Is the Sportstech professional Indoor Cycle SX200. £ 375.00

Sportstech professional

with smartphone app control + Google Street View,

22KG flywheel, arm support, pulse belt compatible –

Speedbike with low-noise belt drive system –

bike ergometer up to 125 KG

My second choice for the best spinning bike for home!


At number 3.:

Is the JLL IC300 PRO Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, £ 499.99


Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel with Adjustable Magnetic Resistance,

3-Piece Crank, 7-Function Monitor, Emergency Stop System,

Ergonomic Handlebars with Heart Rate Sensors,

Fully Adjustable Seat,

Built In Wheels


My third choice for the best spinning bike for home!




At number 4.:

Is the JLL IC400 ELITE Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, 2018 Edition, £ 469.99


Premium Domestic Machine,

Advanced Cycling Performance Technology, Studio Grade Features,

Direct Belt Driven 20kg Flywheel with Adjustable Friction Resistance,

Competitive Q-Factor Heavy Duty Frame, 3-Piece Crank, Large 6 –

Function Monitor, Emergency Stop System, Ergonomic Handlebars with Heart Rate Sensors,

Fully Adjustable Seat, Built-In Wheels, 2 Large Item Holders,

My fourth choice for the best spinning bike for home!


The best professional spinning bikes from 2018

Are you a fanatical home cyclist then you might still better spend £ 200.00 more for a professional spinning bike. It offers that little bit more for the fanatical home user. Something for you? Then I have put the best professional spinbikes in front of you!

At number 1.:

is the Sportstech Professional Indoor Cycle SX500, £ 680.00

Sportstech SX500 spinning bike

with Smartphone App Control + Google Street View,

25KG Flywheel,

Arm Support,

Pulse Belt Compatible –

Speedbike in Studio Quality with SPD Click System


This is a beautiful spider bike of very high quality for the intensive home sportsman.





At number 2.:

I the JTX Cyclo Studio: Commercial Indoor Cycle For Indoor Cycling With Dual Pedal System. £ 749.00

JTX Cyclo studio spinning bike

FULLY COMMERCIAL SPECIFICATION INDOOR CYCLE. Ideal for intensive studio bike training in the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

HEAVY DUTY STEEL & SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY ensures stability and agility when powering through your workout.



My second choice for the best high-quality spinning bike for home!


The best cheap spinning bike from 2018

A spinning bike is a huge investment. You obviously enjoy it for a long time, but it’s still a lot of money. An average good spinning bike still costs around £ 400.00 to £ 600.00. Do you prefer a cheap spinning bike? Then you can look at the spider bikes below.

At number 1.:

My choice for a cheap spinning bike!

Is the JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike 2018, Cardio Workout, £ 204.99

JLL IC300 Indoor Bike 2018

18KG Flywheel Smooth Cycling,

Adjustable Handlebars & Seat,

Heart Rate Sensors & On-Board Computer Reads Speed,

Distance, Time, Calories + Pulse

130KG Max User Weight.


This is a great spinning bike for this price!




At number 2.:


Pro exercise spinning bike

Fully adjustable seat, handlebars, and resistance

chain drive mechanism is smooth and whisper-quiet-especially nice when watching TV or movies during your workout and heavy-duty crank and steel frame will stand the test of time.

Huge 120 KG weight capacity

Features a 13 KG Balanced flywheel

The seat height and angle are fully adjustable and are padded for maximum comfort.

This is also a great spinning bike for this price!


What is better: an exercise bike or spinning bike?


Do you choose an exercise bike or a spinning bike? This is very personal and depends on what you would like to do with it.

A spinning bike sees and feels like a road bike. Would you like to have an indoor racing bike experience? Then a spinning bike is best for you.

A training on the spinning bike is a very intensive workout. The transit system pushes you to the limit! Is this exactly what you are looking for?

Look no further, then the best choice for you is the spinning bike and not the hometrainer.

You can choose the best for a spinning bike if you:

  • would like to wear your entire cycling outfit for a workout
  • To go all the way
  • A bicycle or sports fanatic
  • You like to train with a virtual trainer or without a program

Or maybe an exercise bike instead of a spinning bike?

An exercise bike is also a good fitness device for a solid workout. Yet the exercise bike differs with the spinning bike. When do you choose the exercise bike?

Would you like to train with a training program or would you like to cycle at a leisurely pace? Then the exercise bike may be the better choice for you.

The exercise bike is the perfect device if you:

  • Like to train according to a training program
  • Train at a leisurely pace
  • Want to leave at any time

Is the exercise bike better for you than the spinning bike?

The benefits of training with a spinning bike

Being challenged

A spinning bike has a transit system. This means that the flywheel is directly connected to the pedals. Once the flywheel is in motion, it does not just stand still. So you keep on pedaling even though you are tired. On the spinning bike, you easily give just a bit more and you go on longer. This will push your limits, the spinning bike challenges you to give the best of yourself. You will notice this when you start training at home.

A Low Impact workout

Spiders do not burden the joints. All movements you do on a spinning bike are smooth and without shocks or blows. Even though you train in full, you will not overload your knees, wrists and ankles. And yet you work well on all the muscles of your body. This is especially pleasant for people with sensitive joints. But it is therefore very suitable for everyone who likes to do a workout, without overloading your muscles and joints.

All muscles at work

During spinning, you are constantly working hard. If you have a good kick technique, you use all leg and gluteal muscles. Many people forget to pull the pedals up, using the toeclips or click pedals. You get much more out of training and you can achieve higher speeds by doing this efficiently.


Because of the intensive training, you are really only busy with spiders during spinning. The sweat gushes from your forehead and you put yourself completely. This allows you to completely eliminate all your daily stress. That helps to relax. Your muscles will continue to flow well and you can let go of the stress that has settled in your muscles.

Beautiful legs and buttocks

When you are spinning you train your thigh muscles, hamstrings, buttocks and calf muscles. You will notice after some time that your legs and buttocks will look really good and muscular.

Cardio training

You work with spinning on a healthy heart and on your endurance. Your lung capacity will increase and you will start to feel fitter.

Burn calories and lose weight

Of course, it depends on how hard you hit the spinbike, but with an average spinning session, you can burn 700 to 750 calories. If you compare this to an hour of cycling (250 calories), you can better step on the spinning bike if you want to lose weight.

Tips for the best spinning training

Watch your energy

Deal sensibly with your energy. If you want to train 45 minutes, make sure you distribute your energy so that you are not exhausted after 20 minutes.

Wear the right clothes

You do not necessarily need special spinning clothes, but take care of clothing that breathes well and wicks away sweat. A special cycling short with chamois can make you better sit on the spin bike. Make sure you have a towel or sweatbands on hand to be able to wipe your way through.


It is important that your body has the fuel to train. So make sure you have eaten and drink something light beforehand. Because you sweat a lot during training, you also have to pay attention to the occasional drink during training. This prevents cramps or dizziness. Drink water!

Choose the training that suits you

There are different types of training possible on the spin bike. Which you choose determines what you can get out of your training. Choose in advance what you want to achieve with spinning and see which type of training suits you best.

  • Endurance: for burning fat.
  • Interval training: by alternating speed and strength you build up good fitness. After the short effort, you have to recover quickly.
  • Strength / Strength: heavy training, in which a high resistance is cycled. You train your endurance.
  • Race: The ultimate training. Your heart rate remains around 80% to 92%. You must already have experience with this.

The right pedaling technique

When spinning is important on the pedals both when going up and going down to force. You push down when you step down and then you pull the pedal up again.

If you do not, you do not use all your muscles, and you will overload your thigh muscles. Make sure that you keep your torso steady while cycling, by tightening your stomach and back muscles.

Keep your feet horizontal, you do not kick with your toes. Also, ensure the correct seating technique.

Hopefully, I could help you with this article to buy the best spin bike! Do you prefer not to exercise with a spinning bike? Then you can also buy a cross trainer.

It must be a pleasure for you, to stay motivated. If not, then you better choose another device, or perhaps a totally different sport.

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